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The signs are getting very provocative... re: Climate Crisis... this sign is one of the the most overt I've seen... 
2 hours ago
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In the physiological-biological quadrant of reality this is one way to understand these two meta-emotions (although, it is very partial)... Found this on a website... 
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US Presidential Candidate for Democratic Party, Marianne Williamson, whom I have written a lot about lately and in the past, is stunning many people with (in her words): "What I am seeking to do is to speak as authentically, as fiercely and as hones…
Jul 15
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Part of the Fearlessness Movement is educational, involving learning where our knowledge of fear has originated in our culture, and other cultures and times. As a nice short example this teaching video (July 11, 2015) by philosopher Gregory B. Sad…
Jul 14
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"Hi, welcome to the Fearlessness Movement ning. Take time to look around, and tell us more about your interests in this group. "
Jul 14
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Greta Thunberg (age 16) the Swedish climate activist, reminds me of Arthur Schopenhauer (age 16)-- as I have been reading AS's biographers and his letters and how he wanted to be a philosopher at that age and spoke his critical mind about human soci…
Jul 10
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New video
Dr. R. Michael Fisher, fearologist, educator and philosopher, explores existentialist frameworks within a new and exciting imaginary that goes beyond traditional philosophical and existential pursuits--he does that by taking off with a not…
Jul 7
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Why panic... is that how to best manage fear? 
So many articles using these kind of dramatic titles to steal attention... re: climate crisis etc. 
We have to be critical and challenge this harmful pattern... 
This is from New York Times (Feb. 2019)…
Jul 2
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Hello everyone. I'm pleased to announce here the IJFS second call .docx to the 2nd issue of the International Journal of Fear Studies. 
I look forward to seeing your submissions. 
Jul 2
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Anyone who knows my work on "fearanalysis" over the decades, knows that it is my own adaptation of several psychoanalysts' works, theories, etc. Ultimately, fearanalysis focuses the understading of the development and evolution of human individuals…
Jul 1
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"Pooja, congratulations on your book. I also want readers here to access past conversations on the FM ning around your work; go to https://fearlessnessmovement.ning.com/forum/a-panexperientialist-vi..."
Jun 27
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In Jan. 2015 Barbara Bickel and I began the FM ning. I was then and still am the active moderator. I wrote the above mission to get things started. Now there are 80 members of the FM ning from around the world, from all kinds of backgrounds. I am wr…
Jun 26
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In many ways the really important issue in the Global Warming crisis of the day is how are we going to deal with these competing narratives-- of what is really going on? 
This is what causes as much fear and confusion and anger... as anything. 
It i…
Jun 23
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After having criticized the CBC TV in Canada on a few occasions (which they have not responded to as yet), because of their coverage of re-traumatizing events (e.g., bullying, and climate change)... I decided to make a poster for a model I am just f…
Jun 18
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"Hi Christopher, 
Glad you could join us... would love to hear more about you and your interests, and how you connected with the FM ning... 
Jun 14
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I've always been a critic of eco-fear tactics of media, in this case an Alberta University Alumni magazine cover (June 2019)... I added in the pink text words... and, find there are so many different strategies that could be used, but people seemed…
Jun 8