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Here is an excerpt of an excellent speech by Oglala Sioux leader (who also later rejected the label "leaders") in 1980 of the American Indian Movement and how he had come to clarity with age and wisdom, of the necessity of understanding that "race"…
R.Michael Fisher commented on Barbara Bickel's blog post Living With and Interrupting the Cycle of a Legacy of Fear
"I've always argued, not just theoretically but phenomenologically, that any discussion, analysis or solutions to the Fear Problem, inevitably will come down to how we understand the dynamics of when our cultures took a depature path from the healing…"
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"As one email correspondent wrote me (they are a career police officer): 
Here are my thoughts on what you referred to about BLM Vs Police Behaviour in the light of two pages extracted from Menakem’s book. 

It is a pertinent issue which…"
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The tension and anxiety, fear, dread and despair--the grief and the hurt...
The USA is going through a crisis that will change its future, for better or for worse...
It will depend on the milliions of decisions people make with the feelings they…
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Black Lives Matter (BLM) has become a pivotal, and controversial, social movement. Triggered primarily by repeated incidents of black males being killed (murdered) on the streets of America by police officers (particularly white officers) has left a…
Sep 18
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I think this is one of my best (sociopolitical and economic) applications of a design for how to re-form our societies, and I also bring in the concept of Fear (i.e., culture of fear) and Fearlessness into the UBI model which has radical…
Sep 14
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Found this (supposedly 'banned') video of the David Icke talk in London, at the rally called "Unite for Freedom" - Aug. 29, 2020
Besided the controversial leadership of Icke, a well-published 'star' on the conspiracy theory train, he writes lots…
Sep 12
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As a fearologist, also practicing feariatry (and fearanalysis)--all part of the philosophy and psychology of fear(ism) and fearlessness, it behooves me to take seriously any writer's work that probes deeply into the "human condition" (or "human…
Sep 11
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On left (Marianne Williamson, former Democratic leader hopeful in 2020 US election) and right, Jimmy Dore, podcaster (interviewer)- see the whole interview on Youtube "What is Enlightenment? With Marianne Williamson" Sept. 9, 2020.
Why watch or…
Sep 10
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Book Description: (Publisher Peter Lang, Inc.) 2020...
The most important national election in U.S. history is underway. Marianne Williamson stepped-up to show she is confident to be president of the United States in 2020. She had to step down. Many…
Sep 6
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How afraid should you be? Covid causes deaths? Well, it depends on who you are? 
This highly sacrcastic video is out there by JP (this guy) and offers corrective accuracy to some of the generally inflated fearmongering going on. I cannot (at this…
Sep 3
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My critique notes, as a fearologist, of two pages on the evolutionary paradigm used by TMT core theorists and researchers [1] from pp. 66-67 in their recent 2015 book. As much as I respect TMT (terror management theory) and its universal attempt to…
Aug 29
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Swami Vivekananda

The Vedantic message of Fearlessness
The human mind in India needed a new education in fearlessness and strength, and in a cheerful acceptance of life and its responsibilities; it stood in urgent need of education for…
Aug 21
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Ernest Becker, cultural anthropologist, 1924-74. Won a Pulitzer Prize at the end of his life for his book The Denial of Death. 
I have recently been studying his work and writing about his important thinking for today, especially his contribution to…
Aug 20
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This art piece of mine, spontaneous collage, and the title "Inuit Shaman" are part of my arational practice in coming to understand and explore the deeper dimensions of fear and fearlesnsness. 
Aug 19