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There are obviously more and more growing uses of "fearism" -- this particular one I found recently by some anonymous author on a website in which a particular shaping force of "ism" is identified by the author as "Fearism" at the penultimate bottom…
10 hours ago
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"It has long been my research and mission to find "fearless leadership" as I had called it back in 2003 when I finished my dissertation in Education. What would/should such a leadership look and sound like? Well, it wouldn't be fear-based that's for…"
22 hours ago
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I highly recommend you watch this short video:
There are more and more YOUTH around the globe calling out the adults of the world, and they are really angry and afraid, and they are going to let adults (s…
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HOW AFRAID SHOULD WE BE?[1]: Case of Climate Change Today               - rmf May 18/2019
 The fear of eco-turbulence is the greatest one.
This eco-fear must be made positive fear to prevent the possible disaster.                                    …
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A marvelous book by a psychospiritual teacher/philosopher (Tibetan Buddhist) and artist--who is really naming the psychotic collective disease of our times... and links it to fear directly (like in the quote I added to the cover, which I manipulated…
May 13
  • R.Michael Fisher Rollo May, the great existential secular psychotherapist and theorist, once wrote, "The issue of evil--or rather, the issue of not confronting evil--has profound, and to my mind adverse, effects on humanistic psychology. I believe it is the most imp…
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The following Index of my blogs on the FM ning continue the listings from prior FORUM blogs if you want to get quick access to all my FM ning blogs since 2015. 
"The Faces of Fear": A New East-West Dissertation
Posted by R.Michael Fisher on May 9, 2…
May 10
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Here is a video link to one of the co-authors of this new book "Moving Beyond Fear"--
USA political history is one often controlled, unfortunately, by the fear and "security narrative" as Derber says in this interview: https://therealnews.com/storie…
May 9
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Dr. Jinmin Lee was a Korean graduate of Politics Department of Brandeis University, USA, and has written a most valuable contribution to fear management literature in their doctorate dissertation: "The Faces of Fear: Cross-Cultural Dialogues on Fear…
May 9
R.Michael Fisher commented on Desh Subba's blog post Existence of Fear Precedes Essence -Desh Subba
"Desh, with his characteristic creative critique based on a philosophy of fearism,  has offered this very intriguing philosophical disruption to any essence-based philosophy (a la Plato, Aristotle etc.). If existentialism (e.g., Sartre) pushed the ba…"
May 5
R.Michael Fisher commented on Desh Subba's blog post Review: Philosophy of Unity: Love as an Ultimate Unifier
"Congratulations Michael on this new book. I have watched him develop his philosophy of fear (2018 book) and now philosophy of love (2019 book, revised version)--or at least those are my categorizations of what his intellectual and practical project…"
May 3
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"Hi Jacob,
Welcome to the FM ning, and looking forward to your input and hearing more of what brought you to this online community.  -cheers, M."
Apr 28
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Deepak Chopra, the spiritual 'new age' holistic health guru, has an organization, which puts out this poster (message), as one of the newer versions of the acronym F. E. A. R. ... 
Apr 27
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"I am pleased to see the new branch eco-philosophy of fearism (extended beyond philosophy of fearism)... as indeed, the greatest fear(s) are arguably going to be eco- related in terms of suffering and death in the world, as cascading crises face the…"
Apr 26
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Extinction Rebellion (a new global eco-social mobilization movement to "fight for life" to "rebel for life" as part of the collapse of global climate via global warming crises)-- is a group I have been recently watching, e.g., videos, and their webs…
Apr 24
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The following Technical Papers (1-83) are all available (except #79) and all Yellow Papers, on the PRISM digital library, University of Calgary archives. A Google Scholar Search under my name will likely show them all as well. 
Fisher, R. M. (2019).…
Apr 23
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Art work by R. Michael Fisher (c) 2003.
This is an image from p. 359 of my dissertation (Fisher, 2003) [1]. I wanted to show that I was into doing digital graphics for the first time that year and exploring what I could do with it... though, this is…
Apr 19