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As host and co-founder of the Fearlessness Movement ning, I want to thank the four people (FM ning members) who answered the 'call' I put out to help with the funds required to keep the FM ning going for another year--this will be it's fifth year. T…
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This short blog is my simple introducing of the newly coined term in my vocabulary: "fearlessness psychology." For 30 years I have been studying fear and fearlessness. I eventually realized I was shaping a philosophy of fearlessness (now, fearlessne…
Jan 15
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Jan 13
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This is a copy of the latest book by Dr. Helen Caldicott... I highly recommend. I think the "sleepwalking"  expression is not by accident in the title. Caldicott has been honestly (and terrifyingly) been leading anti-nuclear activist/education since…
Jan 9
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Here's the latest Index of my blog postings on the FM ning, see the FORUM (back posts) for all the other Blog Indexes (by RMF) as well. 
Fear is Perplexing and Complex: Fearism
Posted by R.Michael Fisher on September 3, 2018
Countering the Fear Prob…
Jan 8
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Recently B. Maria Kumar, a retired police chief of India, has approached Desh Subba and myself to respond to his first draft of a book on India and its developmental problems [1]. Kumar, is author of another book with Desh and myself on fearism and…
Jan 8
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I met Mark Eales, from the UK on email some near 2 years ago, and he has started his own Youtube Channel ... go to the link below to hear him speak in the last third of the video about fear and his purpose for doing vlogs. I encourage his creative s…
Jan 5
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New teaching video (33 min.) by RMF "Resistance to Fear Understanding"
Dec 30, 2018
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I'm delighted to share with you a post-adult 45 yrs RMF 2019.pdf from a book on Integral Theory and Educational Research. This chapter overviews my 45 years learning/teaching career, my notion of post-adult education and more. There is one section (…
Dec 28, 2018
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The Permaculture Movement is a fast growing alternative to the way we modern humans have been living. Rather than drawing from profit-centered and self-ishness principles, this new form of environmental-human design draws from Nature and Indigenous…
Dec 23, 2018
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Dec 21, 2018
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In the indigenous worldview (according to Four Arrows) fear begets courage and the highest expression of courageousness is generosity. In Buddhism the highest perfection ("first perfection") is generosity, and according to the contemporary Buddhist…
Dec 17, 2018
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I'd certainly rather talk about a much lighter topic than the near (potential) devastation of planet earth due to climate change and global warming caused by humans (e.g., CO2 and changing the surface of the earth so much it absorbs more heat)...
Dec 13, 2018
R.Michael Fisher commented on Hugo Janssens's blog post Fearless Action
"I was inspired by Hugo & Irene... and all... to create a short video on "Greta, Fear and Youths' Future(s)" based on what is going on at the climate summit in Poland...
go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMKKLXhSG9o"
Dec 12, 2018
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Found this poster that says it well... what really exacerbates "illness" is the fear part(s)...
Dec 11, 2018
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The following is a very brief version of a peer-to-peer counseling method that two or more people can utilize, without any necessity of either parties being "trained counselors."
I am offering below the simple explanation and process of how humans a…
Dec 6, 2018