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Andrew Harvey a long-haul serious spiritual teacher, along with others like Marianne Williamson, and others... are really starting to take their critical shots big time at so much of the commodified bull shift and narcissism in the "spirituality" th…
12 hours ago
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Of late I am taking on a transdisciplinary study of psychosis and transformation, two concepts and experiences, which fascinate me, and have for a long time. 
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"Hello and Welcome Yar. I look forward to hearing more of how you found the Fearlessness Movement ning and what you are interested in sharing with our group. "
Mar 17
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Greta Thunberg, 16 year old protestor-leader on climate change (2019)- 
A (largely) youth (school) movement has begun with a young woman's protests on the inaction, what she calls all political movements have failed to stop the climate change cris…
Mar 15
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New Video (35 min.)... where I describe how I am stepping up full of inspiration to enter "politics" (i.e., from the perspective of the political sphere, a holistic-integral approach)... 
Entitled: The Great Citizen: Future Process Politics & Learni…
Mar 15
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Wow... a great teaching video on Love vs. Fear ... this is based on Judaism teachings, but as a cartoon video animation it is fantastic, and has some great wisdom and thinking in it... you don't want to miss this, especially as it shows a "female" f…
Mar 14
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Here is the pdf for the new journal first issue IJFS vol 1 no 1 2019.pdf
I'd be glad you read this, share it around, write reviews on it and eventually submit articles to another issue (two issues/ yr). 
IJFS Table Contents.png
Mar 13
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"Hi Kimberley, and welcome aboard the fearlesship... love to hear what attracted you to this ning... and what you are doing in your life...  -rmf"
Mar 8
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Dr. Carl Leggo 
Part 0 
Dr. Carl Leggo joined the Fearlessness Movement ning (April 24, 2015) a week or so after I put out to a bunch of people on my birthday (April 18) I had started this FM ning in Jan. 2015--he was the 14th member to sign-up, and…
Mar 8
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Carrie Anne Moss (actress who played the central character "Trinity") of fame from The Matrix sci-fi movies (1999-2003), said in an interview recently about that film: "The consciousness of it is so deep and layered" --which she admits she didn't re…
Mar 6
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"... the ground of imagination is fearlessness."  - D. D. Prima 
I would add to this poetic line, from a powerful women beat poet from the 50-60s who broke out of the 'boxes' and... made a great impression on the world... she is still writing...…
Mar 4
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I love this idea coming out of India... arts and philosophy on stage, putting "Love" under the lens of critical reflection... as they say in their poster: 
"They struggle together to deconstruct stereotypical patterns of love for the sake of a multi…
Mar 1
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Barbara and I saw a theatre production of Indigenous people telling their own stories of tragedy in history and how that trauma is passed down. How women have often been the most resilient and the men often falling prey to fear, hatred. In the progr…
Feb 28
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I have been slow in researching the ways females (women) come to understand fear (and fearlessness). I have published a technical paper on the topic in 2013 [1] and I have just recently completed a two part series of FearTalks with a Ph.D. candidate…
Feb 27
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"I asked OAK for clarification, and he responded: "I am positive about how the parents of Ngozi Okonjo Iweala trained their children. Like you pointed out, it is not the basis of my writeup but just part of the motivations. I am of the position that,…"
Feb 25
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I haven't read this book, but it looks serious... 

Lissa Rankin, M.D.
Hay House, Inc, Feb. 24, 2015 - Self-Help - 336 pages
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Not many people in the medical world are talking about how being afraid can make us sick—but the truth is th…
Feb 23