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"Hello Betty... welcome aboard the Fearlesship... look forward to hear about how you  found this ning and your interests... "
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"Welcome Martin... may you find this a worthwhile place to travel on your journey... I look forward to you sharing more with the ning community. "
Jan 22
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R. Michael Fisher, Director, Instructor, The Fearology Institute... is looking for a new cohort of students to take coursses and pursue a certificate in Fearology. Want to find out more about it, go to this new video: https://www.youtube.com/watch…
Jan 18
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Spangler is one of my favorite of the 'new age' consciousness researchers and authors (since the early 1980s I followed his work), well worth reading some of his work or listening to his video interviews--a real expansion of what subtle realms are a…
Jan 15
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"Wonderful to have you aboard the Fearlesship... as we explore together these complex dynamics of fear ... look forward to your contributions to this online community. "
Jan 14
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"Hi Marion ... glad to have you along on the FM ning... look forward to hearing more of what brought you here to this site and what really interests you...  "
Jan 13
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I am pleased to introduce the social psychology researcher Dr. Pelin Kesebir who has for several years been studying fear (e.g., anxiety, terror, and role of culture as a buffer to death anxiety); and has acknowledged in recent corresponden…
Jan 12
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[Breaking News, morning Jan. 10, 2020; Marianne Williamson withdraws from campaign; not to my surprise but a bit of disappointment -RMF]
As many of you may know, my work since 1989 (In Search of Fearlessness Project) has engaged seriously and critic…
Jan 7
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I recently came across a paper by the Brazilian progressive critical educational philospher Walter O. Kohan (State University of Rio de Janeiro). The paper is called "Paulo Freire and Philosophy for Children: A Critical Dialogue" go to: Kohan2018_Ar…
Dec 31, 2019
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Listen to a short lecture on 2 existential threats fundamental to humans and how they shape our lives: (a) overwhelmedness and (b) abandonment. 
The above gives a view on fear(s) from this Jungian (depth) psychotherapist's perspective. 
Dec 24, 2019
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US Presidential hopeful (candidate) is the last person you'd expect to be fearmongering. But her recent promo ad video (58 seconds) gives indicators of her decline in awareness and her political tactics of using old fear-based discourses to "win" ov…
Dec 21, 2019
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Ken Wilber, integral philosopher, explains 4 processes universal to human higher potential and thus for (r)evolution of culture and societies... the planetary macrolevel... 
go to his short interview lecture on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…
Dec 19, 2019
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One UK educator has this up on his website worth checking out ... 
Dec 17, 2019
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The above chart is particularly of interest to transhumanists who belive in change dynamics and evolution endlessly moving on into dimensions that 'stretch' (include but transcend) the very nature of humans, human nature,…
Dec 14, 2019
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Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker in the US Congress, and a Democrat... is being called by some the "fearless leader" that can truly take on Trump and anyone else who diminishes her as a woman and leader in her own right. I've watched her lately with curi…
Dec 7, 2019
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Contentious to my Fearlessness Psychology (and viewpoint) [1] is the way many people and groups construct the dichotomy of "Love" vs. "Fear" (especially in the esoteric religous traditions and 'new agey' spiritualities)--and, so for e.g., I offer yo…
Dec 5, 2019