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I'm pleased to see that an article came out recently, with a mention of "Fearology" and my work on this, in relation to the life of Marcus Garvey and Intergenerational Trauma" (by Philip Geoffrey). I've taken the relevant excerpt here:…
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Gregg Braden is a rather famous geologist and spiritual teacher, whom I have followed off and on for 25 yrs. as he is attempting to bring a "new science" awareness to planetary consciousness. 
Nov 13
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"Thanks Dr. Kizel for posting this 2016 article. Much of its contents are things I too have grappled with re: education, development of intelligence in children etc., although I see your speciality, unlike mine, is in nurturing philosophy in…"
Nov 9
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"Hello Arie, 
Good to have you along on this Fearlessness Movement ning. I look forward to your inputs and why you were attracted here. 
Nov 7
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I just received a message from Pooja Soni, a young author on consciousness, who has spent many years writing a very intense philosophical treatise (new theory) examining consciousness, development and yes, looks also at fear where necessary, in…
Nov 5
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Nov 2
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There's a long story behind my finding this 4 pp. fold-out brochure in a medical library in New York City. It is the only evidence currently available on this group [1] that was apparently started under the guidance of the famous theosophists, Alice…
Oct 30
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"Hello Anandi. I look forward to hearing what brought you to the FM ning and feel free to create blogs, post pictures relevant etc. to the quest to better understand the nature and role of fear, from a fearlessness perspective. "
Oct 29
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EXOTIC FEAROLOGY is a book which emerged with ample examples of fear study on the countenances of the people especially on the various airports during the beginning of the coronavirus spread from China to western world and different narratives as…
Oct 26
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"Hello Rimosel, 
We are glad to have you on this fearlessness ning, and may you find time to share your interests with us soon. "
Oct 25
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Perhaps as we come close to OCT. 31, Halloween ('Day of the Dead' OR what may better be called 'Day of Fear')-- it is interesting to observe what all the dramatization of the collective psyche that exists at this time of year. As I walk around my…
Oct 25
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"Welcome nolijor, as we are glad to have you along on this exploration of fear and fearlessness... and creative ideas and ventures. "
Oct 24
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I found this image, from a video clip, played on CBC TV last night on The National program, as an interlude image, and I thought it so spoke to the times we are in, and what has to eventually be a coming out of denial, more or less, the sooner the…
Oct 24
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Howard Thurman, author, Africanist, 'Black Power' theologian, mystic, activist during the Civil Rights Movement, was one who studied both W. religions and also visited the far East to study their religions, including the philosophy and social…
Oct 19
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"Hello sports zz. Glad you could join us on the 'Fearlesship' journey on this ning, of learning, sharing, teaching... and whatever creative endeavors want to happen... so, linger and snoop around and then post, so we can get to know you and your…"
Oct 19
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FearTalk 9 (see image above) is a video I co-created with Dr. Sheldon Solomon, a founder of Terror Management Theory, 5 mo.'s ago. And, it is by far the most popular of all my videos in two+ years of talking about my research. I recommend, if…
Oct 16