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"A nice contribution to political fearism, and the role of fear(ism) in the founding of a particular branch of W. political philosophy (and political science). Desh, I am still unclear about your point: "In Philosophy of Fearism (2014), I have used D…"
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Excerpt p. 245, from Fisher, R. M. (2010). The World's Fearlessness Teachings: A Critical Integral Approach to Fear Management/Education for the 21st Century. Lanham, MD.: University Press of America/Rowman & Littlefield. 
The above last chapter of…
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"Glad to have you onboard Ernest... look forward to your sharing with us and growing with us ... and, what attracted you to this ning community. "
Mar 25
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The famous spiritual teacher in much of the W. world today, Eckart Tolle tells it like it is in terms of how fear is consuming the world rapidly... 
For more go to his new video Mar. 21, 2020  "Staying Conscious in the Face of Adversity" 
[he opens…
Mar 23
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"Christine, Welcome aboard the Fearlesship... toward a new kind of leadership in this world... 
Mar 20
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Mar 18
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During this rather global "lock down" to slow the spread of coronavirus, I have been producing some 21st century-appropriate, crisis-learning appropriate, fearlessness curriculum materials for your study (and perhaps, pleasure) in any extra time you…
Mar 17
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So there are many issues I am critical of when any Authority assigns itself to "protect" the people (often, meaning, protect the State power/authority/order): it is political as well as a psychological situation re: our health as citizens. Long ago…
Mar 14
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"I appreciate you've taken time to understand this intersectionality of the Fear Problem, which is my way of ensuring we don't overly simplify and treat symptoms (e.g., psychological fears) and mis-understand and mis-guide ourselves and those we teac…"
Mar 12
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Based on a subversive graphic novel, this sci-fi futuristic film noir (2006 (c) Warner Bros.); screen play by The Wachowski Bros. (of The Matrix film trilogy 1999-2003) is well worth a watch in the next days ahead. Barbara and I took it out the othe…
Mar 11
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In 2005, the founder of the study called "emotionology", and emeritus prof. of history at George Mason University ... published this book on American Fear, a history based on his expertise of how the emotion of fear changes over time with cultural c…
Mar 8
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Above photo: x-Democratic candidate for 2020 US President, Marianne Williamson
I suppose every great leader, under pressure, under fear, and with corruption of "power" and "privilege" and media attention and ... you name it, their own personal patho…
Mar 6
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"Hello Ed, 
Welcome aboard the Fearlesship... looking forward to hearing more from you here on your interests in joining the FM ning."
Mar 4
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Mar 1
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For full pdf of the journal 2 (1) click here IJFS vol 2 no 1 2020 rev.pdf
Feb 28
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"Good to see this good work Nonye, at some point I hope to see more details from your book. Btw, one of my fav. books from the 1980s which includes a lot of your interests is 
Segal, J. (1984). Living beyond fear: A course for coping with the emotion…"
Feb 22