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Glad to let you all know my new book with B. Maria Kumar is just published. I'll write more about it later. 
The current dominating worldview and…
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I created this image today as a celebration of mystery, and with text taken as an excerpt from Sheldon B. Kopp's book "Guru" (1976, p. 41) 
[specimen/parts: from a moth found in Carbondale, IL in 2016] 
Art: digital scan
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Book Covers:               2021                                                                    2018 
I have spent the last 5-6 years studying and writing books on two critical adult educators, also motivational "coaches" and leaders of various…
May 5
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" One FM ning reader responded recently in an email to me: 
Hi and thanks very, very much for this video. I shall always keep it and circulate it.  The federal Green Party of Canada is looking for volunteers to expand activities and membership.  The…"
May 4
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New Video (3 min.) "THE EARTH IS SUFFERING" - an Indigenous worldview perspective on our current crises and how we need to change, by Indigenous activist-educator, and ecophilosopher, Four Arrows (2021) (Wahinkpe Topa aka Dr. Don T. Jacobs), who…
May 2
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Apr 23
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The spiritual teacher, political activist and cultural (r)evolutionary [1] Marianne Williamson recently interviews human rights lawyer Steven Donziger, who has been for over 20 yrs fighting the battle for the Ecuadorian farmers and tribal peoples of…
Apr 20
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The "DIRECTION" to head in... is all important, if we want to liberate ourselves and truly re-build a healthy, sane and sustainable world (and Education System)... 
When you get to be my age (69), and having thought critically about "Education" as…
Apr 17
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IN a recent interview (Mar. 12, 2020)... I heard this 80+ year old man, scientist, environmental activist, say some really important things. As powerful as he has been in his career (e.g., The Nature of Things, and The David Suzuki…
Apr 15
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I have for decades attempted to educate the general public about fear. The other side of my work is to educate their leaders. Specficially I want to share an example of how to educate politicians. 
Politics and Political Sphere
First, let me state…
Apr 14
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(excerpt from Fisher (2010, p. 167)  [1]
NOTE: I thought to share with you this morning one page from my book on the world's fearlessness teachings. The focus of what I'm writing about is how various traditions, movements, and paradigms have…
Apr 1
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"Hey Laurent, 
Welcome aboard the fearlesship... ning... look forward to hearing more about your interests and what attracted you here. "
Mar 30
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Outstanding (Left) American Journalist & Political Pundit (2021)
Chris Hedges
In a recent interview Chris Hedges declared with total confidence, based on all his years of following political revolutions around the world, that only a politics of…
Mar 22
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Mar 15
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"This looks to be another impressive work by Eneyo, who is on my radar as a unique contemporary philosopher, with a theology background, who continues to promote the 'better side of human beings' by including in that exploration the fundamental layer…"
Mar 12
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"Congrats. You might want to post a full FM ning blog on the book with more details and cover design etc. -best, M."
Mar 11