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This image is from a youtube talk by Indigenous Ecologist Robin Kimmerer. A powerful and loving presentation to youth on how to become resilient to survive and thrive in climate change. She shares potentially very fear-inducing information but does…
May 20, 2019
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This was on FB - don't know who created it.
[RMF's comment: If this is a good model, and I think it basically is for the universal human condition on average, it shows that our 'normal' place of hangin' is "comfort zone" and it is closest to fear-…
Mar 5, 2019
Barbara Bickel replied to OSINAKACHI AKUMA KALU's discussion MY CREED FOR PARENTS
"Can you add the link to the inspiratoin blog you refer to.
Also curious who the elders are in your photo?
Feb 24, 2019
Barbara Bickel commented on R.Michael Fisher's blog post "Root of Fear in Reason Itself": Precursor to Fearism
"Exciting that you have discovered this book. And sharing a quote on the connection with what Pirsig calls the genetic defect within the nature of reason.
"The cause or of current social crisis,.. is a genetic defect within the nature of reason it-se…"
Nov 10, 2018
Barbara Bickel replied to Gregory Wendt's discussion Fear and the Election: [A Green Perspective: USA]
"I really wanted Bost to be voted out. I was excited when I saw Randy on the ballet as his replacement and voted for him. I voted early and only after did I read posts from other colleagues saying the only way to vote was blue all the way. Telling fo…"
Nov 8, 2018
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On this wet snowy evening at Studio M* in Calgary, Alberta, Canada surrounded by Michael's art on the walls we had an intimate book reading with R. Michael Fisher from his book - an intellectual biography on the life ideas of Four Arrows - an indige…
Oct 1, 2018