B.Maria Kumar commented on Desh Subba's blog post Thomas Hobbes and his Fearolotical Philosophy -Desh Subba
"Good analysis Subba! I commend you for inventing a new term, 'Fearoloticalogy'. It is true and logical that Hobbes formulated his theory of body politic on the ideas of state of nature and social contract, especially in view of the then uncertain so…"
13 hours ago
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B.Maria Kumar, R.Michael Fisher & Desh Subba 
Here’s the book back-cover note:
“So many nations today, large and small, are faced with compelling global and local circumstances, breaking acute crises, and lingering long-term chronic pr…
Jul 10, 2019
B.Maria Kumar commented on Desh Subba's blog post Existence of Fear Precedes Essence -Desh Subba
"True Subba! Your assertion that existence of fear precedes essence is an offshoot of Sartre’s famous dictum. Fear starts existing along with existence itself as existence itself is insecure and uncertain. Insecurity triggers fear about existence in…"
May 6, 2019
B.Maria Kumar commented on Desh Subba's blog post Fear in Eco-turbulence
"Kudos to Adhikari for sensitising the world society effectively about one of the major global issues through philosophy of fearism. 
A Swedish psychologist Arne Ohman found in his research that fear has been shaped by evolution as the animals always…"
Apr 27, 2019
B.Maria Kumar commented on R.Michael Fisher's blog post "Fearlessness Teacher": New Interview on RMF by Kevin Barrett
"That’s really a wonderful interview Michael! Your explanations to KB’s incisive queries were quite amazing. The issue itself is so complicated that you have dealt with it at ease, also with spontaneous yet enlightening answers to the questions posed…"
Jan 31, 2019