Mind Pollution cause for Environmental Pollution

Mind Pollution cause for Environmental Pollution


Human Mind Pollution


Human:  Relating to or characteristic of humankind.

 Mind: the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought

 Pollution: the presence in or introduction into the environment of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects.

 What is the Human Mind Pollution?

  Kama (desire), Grodha (anger), Loba (miserliness), Moha (avariciousness), Matha (ego), and Macharium (jealousy)

 How it related with Environmental Pollution?

Nature never harm the environment but those who live in this earth only create the environmental pollution even all creation based on their own quality and quantity. In this Human is major impact of environmental pollution through Mind. As per research Mind Pollution is higher than environmental pollution. To create this pollution human mind use more science and technology in many forms. Mind is design of the Human Life and Earth Life either positive or negative or wise.

 How to protect from Human Mind Pollution?

Earth rotates through electromagnetic fields similar every creation has their own electromagnetic radiation like aura. This mind pollution breaks this radiation, once it breaks gives many issues in body, mind and energy.

  1. Understand your system of body, give values and respect your body, maintain & enhance your own self esteem through your own religions, parents, culture, traditional & scientific practice.
  2. Vairagya/ Dispassion, detachment from unwanted knowledge and energy 3.  Vivekam/Discrimination or Discernment

 How this Human Mind Pollution is affected Environment Pollution?

In Environment various pollutions like Air, Water, Space, Fire, Earth, Sound, Light, Electronic items and many. This Nature connected with your Human Sensors likes

Fire – Eyes, Water – Nose, Earth – Body, Space – Ear & Air – Nose. Mind have two parts 1. Brain waves in the form of Knowledge 2. Heart waves in the form of Emotion. Both needs to synchronize gives pure wise mind otherwise positive or negative. Mind is bridge between human and nature. It works either wise or positive or negative based on food, house, dress and others.

 Compare Human Engineering & Environmental Engineering Eliminate Mind and Environmental Pollution.

 Environmental engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with the application of scientific and engineering principles for protection of human populations from the effects of adverse environmental factors; protection of environments, both local and global, from potentially deleterious effects of natural and human activities; and improvement of environmental quality.

 Human engineering: the relationships between people and machines

 Our ancient text written by our ancestors based on their own experience but there is no scientific proof because during that time most of them use their own Human Science likes intuition, mind to mind, nature yoga, soul yoga, telepathy and time & mind synergy with love.  Once this modern science entered, most of them forget our own identity.  This is the time to recall our own ancestors practice thru Gene Stimulation, Soul Yoga, and prayer of them. Many years energy transform thru Gene to Gene but today most of them forget this Gene power. Today every modern situation, science and technology foolish to us in every second so everybody needs to enhance our own Human skills like

Contentment, Compassion,passionate, Forgiveness, Straightforwardness, Calmness,Self-Control, Dutifulness,Vairagya/ Dispassion, detachment &Vivekam/Discrimination or Discernment

Why it is need in present and future?

Today Mind pollution is higher than Environment pollution. Negative mind works very faster than positive mind. Negative mind very quickly join together and targeting without fear but Positive mind take time to decide very quickly because of fear. Today to kill the negative need more positive because in around situation negative is more comparing to positive. Mind is highest speed in this universe. Modern investigation never teach about strategic investigation of negative mind, once positive mind to know about negative strategic then only positive mind make counter file action. At present very difficult to find out the negative strategic because they live in the nature and plan without fear. Positive mind living in the modern situation with emotion that’s why positive mind get failure in every negative mind target.At last positive mind kill the negative with high struggle.


Enhancing the brain, Close the heart while work with knowledge, Close the brain while work with emotion, Heart & Brain synchronize, sensor yoga, Soul Yoga, Mind Yoga, Gene stimulation, enhancing the self-investigation, smart & intelligent investigation, mind to mind connection, mind investigation, energy investigation, Smart – cleaver - intelligence work together, taping vital knowledge from soul to soul connection & Nature, operate mind satellite, mind tracking, mind boosting, mind mapping, viyuham, and etc.



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  • Veda, 

    Thanks very much for your investigative inquiries here, and bringing Vedic (Hindu) spiritual teachings to the issue of "pollution" problems on earth-- in landscape/mindscape ... as I find that a very fruitful approach in general. I am just beginning to look at your work since you contacted me (and Desh Subba). I'll respond later to your post here on a few things. So, for a start I suggest you and others may want to check out my Photo posts of some ideas I have been long playing with that are relevant to Veda's work in some ways, for e.g., see https://fearlessnessmovement.ning.com/photos/co2-fear-chart as I compare the analogous (or homologous) correlation of CO2 excess and Fear excess on the planet as a point of pondering in how we come to face the challenges of "global warming" and "climate crisis" that is now an unavoidable reality. 

    Veda (and others) If you wish to see more of what has been written on the FM ning on similar topics (somewhat) go to the upper right search box and enter "CO2" and "eco-fear" for starters and that offers a place for further conversation. I realize Veda is operating on practical empirical research as well as speculation and theorizing, but we need both. 

    Oh, I have also previously some years back initiated a dialogue with a Hindu swami in the USA on fear; go to https://fearlessnessmovement.ning.com/blog/swami-sankarananda-and-t...

    CO2 FEAR chart
    It has always interested (amazed) me... how a natural 'thing' like CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)-- the very substance we breath out and plants take in during…
    • This is a very good effort. I must recommend.  Looking at it critically, this work is aimed at researching on the link between the physical and the spiritual existence of life and to know how best both can be understood for the benefit of mankind. From the article, it is evidence that every domain of life is guided by some principles and laws, and I agree to that. This also entails that there are two worlds: the physical and the spiritual. And these worlds operate by different principles or rules, yet, necessitating each other.
      This two worlds have human beings as core in their operations. This also entails that man is clothed with the physical and the spiritual garments, thus making every human be a dual being-spiritual and material being. It's on this natural arrangement that human being is obliged to obey both the physical and spiritual laws if he/she wishes to live a fulfilled life.
       But there's a boundary between this two worlds. The boundary between life and death, good and bad, physical and spiritual, etc. Therefore, it's important to investigate this boundary so that we will not go against the laws guiding it.
      One of the task of this short article is to unravel how human beings ought to be guided by the panel code or law of nature so that they can live a happy life. To know also, the border line between good and bad and the things we should do in order for us not to cross our boundary and get punished. 
      But then, where is the boundary of life and death so that we will avoid going close, else we cross from life to death? This is also a challenge. This takes me to the saying " a seed is in itself". The boundary between life and death is not outside of any being; It's in us. The boundary is in the MIND. Our minds is the boundary of which the spiritual and the physical shares in common. This means that it takes a little step to cross. Mind is a meeting point of science and faith or science and religion. It's in the mind that reason, believe or doubt emanates.
      At that boundary ( mind) lies the existence of FEAR. The Fear to cross or not to cross. Fear becomes a boarder line between physical and spiritual, matter and energy, good and bad, life and death, etc. Each domain sees the other domain as strange, unfamiliar, new, opposite, etc, and as such, one domain lives in fear of the other.
      But each of these different domains ( physical and spiritual) are perfect stages of life that ought not to be fearful. Our lack of knowledge of these domains is the reason of fear. If we study the spiritual and the physical elements, we will know that they are all guided by some laws which aim is to help us overcome our fears and live a happy and a fulfilled life. 
      Human inability to follow the laws that guide the domain we are (physical domain) also has its own fear-the fear of karma. Karma which is an important aspect that helps in checkmating people's action can increase or reduce fear. Karma is both spiritual and physical. It brings the natural law (spiritual law) to administer on the physical beings. 
      Ignorant of the efficacy of karma increases lawlessness; thus, increases fear of anything whatsoever.  Awareness of the importance of adherence to the law of nature can help to improve life; thus translating into happiness for all.
      When i talk of  boarder or boundary, i do not talk in the sense of a total restriction of one against another. No! Boarder or boundary is an awareness that everything is unique, yet incomplete in its uniqueness. It must look for the other side of being in line with the prescription of the law guiding each domain. It is when such law is followed that one's life can be said to be fulfilled. The natural boundary defines our roles towards attainment of the overall essence of life which is a happy life, then our union with God-brahma. 
      Boundary is a missing-link. It tells one's limitations, weakness, lacks, etc,  which can only be found across the boundary. Our decision to cross or not to cross is motivated by fear, but guided by love. Love and fear cannot be separated from the scheme of life. These are the two motivational concepts that drive existents. But love conquers fear when it's used according to law.
      But all these happen in the mind. Mind links the physical and the spiritual and we have identified mind as the boundary between the physical and the spiritual were fear lives. 
      No matter how well we keep to the law life, we shall die (crossing the boundary of life to death). So the boundary is not a total restriction of life within a given world, that we should not cross or we will never cross, but that we ought to know and at the same time, follow the law of boundary crossing. The law of boundary crossing is enshrined in karmic rules or natural law which everyone must obey for his/her betterment. But then, there's always fear anytime this boundary is to be crossed. This fear can trigers mistakes or causes the person to go against the law of crossing the boundary of life if not well managed.
      Fearologists should be part of this movement to educate people  on the importance of having a good knowledge of these laws and try to keep them so that they can reduce their fears which is one of the problems of our present world, especially when faced with challenging fearful decisions.

      Michael Eneyo
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