CO2 FEAR chart

It has always interested (amazed) me... how a natural 'thing' like CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)-- the very substance we breath out and plants take in during the day--to keep the Carbon cycle in balance and healthy... becomes at some point in history declared by humans as a "pollutant" and now legislation is in place in some locations to punish those who put out too much CO2-- all of this was re-interpreted because of the new context of "Global Warming"... and so, yes, I would say exactly the same thing out to happen with "Fear" and all the analogies are accurate I think... but who will recognize the Fear Problem (like the CO2 Problem) and be listened to... and have such a crisis turned into policy and law... now, that's the day I am waiting for, promoting, and will cheer... the context will have to be something like Global Distressing (like Global Warming)... we're well passed the "red line" ... 

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