This is my newest book! Fearlessness meets Fear!

It is ready to order now https://www.peterlang.com/view/title/73363 and will be released in the next week, if all goes well; also available from diverse book sellers (e.g., BrooklineAmazon). To introduce you to a bit of the inside of the book, here is one of the endorsements by Dr. Randall Auxier and the Table of Contents. I'll share bits more in the weeks ahead. THE BOOK is divided into three PARTS: (1) THE PHENOMENON, (2) THE CRITIQUE, and (3) THE LESSONS; a total of 358 pp.  [to talk with me: r.michaelfisher52 [at] gmail.com] also full brochure on book is MWPP Book Brochure.pdf

Also just created first video Intro on the book (focus on meaning behind the cover design): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4sYleZOf5g


Marianne Williamson reached hundreds of thousands of people with her books, lectures, and workshops since her rise to prominence in the 1990s. Since declaring her bid for the Presidency of the US she has reached millions. Not all were eager listeners but many heard her enduring message. Dr. Fisher has made a case study of her "transformational" leadership, arguing (critically at times) that the key to her success was an ability to meet fear fearlessly. Why does her message resonate now in just the way it does? Why is there such tension between those who want to push her away, call her a flake, avoid the obvious and real spiritual implications of our present politics? 

And how can Williamson balance her other-worldly discipline with her transformational leadership? Dr. Fisher is probably the world's leading expert on the effects of fear and its antidotes, and here he takes an unflinching look at how fear has warped and twisted us, and how we can be transformed by such figures as Williamson. As he indicates, it is very important, at this moment, not only to understand what is happening, but to remember and document for the future what this moment was for those who lived it. Yet, there is more than memory in these pages. This is also about what kind of future we can hope for, in contrast to what we will get if we do not learn to face our fears, and face them down. 

Randall Auxier, Ph.D., author of Time, Will, and Purpose: Living Ideas from the Philosophy of Josiah Royce, Professor of Philosophy and Communication Studies, S. Illinois University Carbondale



Foreword by Rob Asghar



Transformer for President(?): A Shocking Possibility

Politician or Not?

Book Overview


Chapter One: The Donald Trump Phenomenon

Trump and Talking About Fear: Coronavirus Epidemic

The Donald Trump Phenomenon

The New Age of Trumpism

Chapter Two: The Marianne Williamson Phenomenon

Contexts of Sensemaking

Williamson and Talking About Fear: Coronavirus Epidemic

Corona-Time: Do We Need an Epidemic of Williamson-style Love?

Four Major Aspects of the Marianne Williamson Phenomenon

    A. Inner Life and Mysticism

    B. Leadership (Theory/Style)

    C. Philosophy (and Theology)

    D. Therapy (and Metaphysician)

Chapter Three: A Spiritual (R)Evolution Enters Politics

Spiritual (R)Evolution

Move On: Your History Needs You! 

More Than 'Spiritual But Not Religious': A Course in Miracles

New Age/New Thought Movement

Marianne Williamson and New Social Movements: 50+ Branches


Chapter Four: Donald Trump as Bad or as Evil? 

Entering Fragilization as Discovery

Mirroring: Introduction of the Arch-Rivals

"You're Letting Evil In..."

Williamson's Theological View on "Evil"

'You're Letting In the Donald Trump Phenomenon'

The Twin Phenomenon: Shadow Projections

Chapter Five: Systems Thinking Correction: Transformation of I and We

Introduction: From Political Sphere to Entering Politics

Self-Correcting Systems: Mind/Nation

Paradise is Nice But There's More Story to Tell


Chapter Six: She's Missing 'The Right' Six Words

Never Short on Words

'I Want To Be President Of The United States'

Reflections: The Primaries Election Discontent

Chapter Seven: Some Lessons

Lesson Six: 'Waking Up'

Lesson Five: Tweet Mindfully or Not At All

Lesson Four: Boomeritis Handicap

Lesson Three: Love vs. Fear Thing

Lesson Two: "Faux Spirituality"

Lesson One: Playing Psychiatrist 







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  • Congrats on this Michael. Let's hope it reaches the people who need to read it.

  • Congratulations Michael! Nothing is more satisfying to a seeker than pursuing a pet subject that deals with the mysterious riddles of magnificent life. The quest for truth in the unexplored cosmos of fear-fearlessness continuum has always been so close to your heart. I am sure that it must have been a wondrous and rewarding experience for you to showcase in your new book the fearless persona of Marianne Williamson. Eagerly looking forward to reading it. All the best!

  • Congratulations on another great publication Dr Fisher. It's definitely a timely book that will take its' readers on a worthwhile journey!

  • A few colleagues responded by email: "Thanks Michael. Indeed i 'fear' the whole culture is gradually being driven into insanity, largely through the absolute disallowing of critical thought in all major forms of social media. I'm quite serious about this. It's a BIG problem!" and "Congrats on the book, btw. A nice contribution to any creative conversations about the future of politics."  -DS

    Congratulations! Wow, Michael, you are on fire! Inspiring that you are doing so much and such great work!
    Well done! Thank you for sharing! - PS
    "Thank you for sharing...Let us hope that in four years she throws her hat in the ring again. After CoVid has swept the planet 3 times, the world will be ready.    When the student is ready, the na Aumakua rise up to assist."  -YGD
    "The content sounds great. Your book will definitely help readers face 'fear' (a basic emotion of human beings) skilfully." -RS
    "Congratulations, Michael. May it be widely read." - WP
    "Congratulations on this publication. And, as you say, this book might be relevant to another election yet!" - JS
    "Congratulations! I always appreciate the perspective you take in your analyses, and I find that you attempt to carve out a place distinct from the mainstream....Williamson is an interesting figure, and again your critique is welcome; I haven't come across anything serious on her from any perspective. Thanks for your work and your insights. I hope to be able to check it out." - PP
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