New Social-Practical Philosophy: World Soul

Here's the new book cover, which was just released for publication today by Xlibris International. Desh and I are pretty excited to get it out after 10 months of concentrated work in collaboration across the planet (he in Hong Kong; me in the USA/Canada). I've written a blog to introduce why I think this book is so important (beyond the surface, the image, the name)... I posit in the blog that it is a new social-practical philosophy for the World Soul in an era of Extreme Fear at the cusp of a Fearless Age.

Copies of the book will be available (and signed) by Desh and/or myself, while numbers last. Otherwise, the book is available online at most booksellers, e.g., at Philosophy of Fearism: A First East-West Dialogue

Please help spread the word... -thanks.

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