Mother Womb is root of wisdom and peace


Mother Womb is root and base for every things, during ten month baby get every things through food, thoughts and wisdom, peace, fear and all..cannot explain in words. Kindly remember in your life and asking your mother and share to this world. This is most important for Elminating Fear because today fear start from the Womb due to ignorance, lack of knowledge, negative minds trapping and various reason but need to break this and bringing the child without fear from the Womb. Once baby comes without fear from the womb, that baby never get any kind of fear from outside still the death. Ten months is real teaching from the womb at the same time womb baby want to come natural way only but today most of them get unnatural way of birth. Its brings fear more to that baby, mother and whole universe. Kindly look in this matter serious and make action practically. 

Thank you.


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  • Dear Vedarishangar, your sharing here brings to mind the midwife philosopher work of Nané Jordan. She as written about many of hte aspects you bring forward above and edited a book entitled. Placental Wit: Mother Stories, Rituals, and Research. Her research and experience is rooted in matriarchal studies and the gift economy of Genevieve Vaughan who also writes of the place of the mother gift as the base of our economy that has been exploited by the capitalist market economy. Thank you for your thoughts. 

  • Veda has pointed to empirical and theoretical referencing in the womb (i.e., mother-child transmission of fear) and outside of the womb (i.e., environmental, caregivers, siblings, family systems) in early years of development. My own readings in developmental psychology (e.g., bonding and trauma) and psychiatry, feminist psychology, alternative birthing and mothering ideas and matrixial theory (feminine ontology by Bracha L. Ettinger) have all somewhat informed me for decades that there is great truth to this referencing of where fear begins to take hold, genetically and epigenetically, in the new infant and it influences their life thereafter. "Fear transmission" overall is a fascinating and important interdisciplinary topic for research and I highly recommend. 

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