New Teaching Videos: R. Michael Fisher

I have slowly been getting media savvy and starting to put out to public access some 15-30 min. teaching videos on themes related, more or less, to my passions and fear and fearlessness. 

The first one was done by Greg Wendt, a film-maker in Carbondale, IL, USA, on my approach to coloring and aesthetic development re: fearlessness practice.

The second one produced by my own amateur means from my home in Calgary, AB, Canada, on "Ethical Practice of Fearology"

The third one also produced on my own, is "Peer Counselling Outside of Distress"  (on my passion to bring Liberation Peer Counseling back to life after a long hiatus)

The fourth one also produced on my own is "Ethical Referents of Fearology"

The fifth one "The Fearology Institute: Introduction"

The sixth one "Study of Fear: A New Turn"

The seventh one "Developing a Critical Literacy on Fear"

The eighth one "Fisher Responds to Michael Moore: On Fear"

The ninth one "The 'Big Four' Talk: Advancements in Liberation"

The tenth one "Fear Vaccine Process: Two Stories"

The eleventh one "Path of Fearlessness: Lucid Dreaming, Visions and Alters"

The twelfth one "Fear(ism): Philosophy Along the Difficult Path"

The thirteenth one "Michael Moore Meets Fearologist-II"

The fourteenth one "FearTalk 1: Four Arrows & R. Michael Fisher"

The fifthteenth one "Do's and Don'ts of Fearology"

The sixteenth one "FearTalk2: Luke Barnesmoore & R. Michael Fisher"

The seventeenth one"Understanding Jordan Peterson 1: Social Implications"

The eighteenth one "Greta, Fear and Youths' Future(s)"

The nineteenth one "FearTalk 3: Luke Barnesmoore & R. Michael Fisher"

The twentieth one "Understanding Jordan Peterson 2: Conflict Implications"

The twenty-second "Understanding Jordan Peterson 3: Fear Implications"

The twenty-third "Resistance to Fear Understanding"

The twenty-fourth "Fisher's Big Discovery on Fear and Motivation"

The twenty-fifth "When Fear meets Fearlessness"

The Twenty-sixth "New Ethical Leadership: Marianne Williamson"



Also, I've produced with Barbara Bickel, a couple recent book trailers on my new books: 

"Fearless Engagement of Four Arrows: The True Story of an Indigenous-based Social Transformer"  (published 2018)

"Fear, Law and Criminology: Critical Issues in Applying the Philosophy of Fearism" (2018, still to be published in early autumn)


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