I have had a few very enthusiastic people of late, especially young people in undergrad studies of philosophy and psychology, for example, who want a set of readings of my work for their studies. They are also interested in potential future development of fearology, academically, and professionally. So, I have sent them seven core papers I've published since 1995 when I began the more serious scholarly-type writing on the topic of fear ('fear') and fearlessness. Note, these "Cornerstone Publications" are not necessarily my best works, as I have written hundreds of papers, published and non-published, many on the topic of "fearology" specifically and they are not among these seven works. See "Google Scholar" under "R. Michael Fisher" and/or see my CV and/or email me if you want more papers I'd recommend on fearology; and, of course, see my two books: The World's Fearlessness Teachings (2010) and The Philosophy of Fearism: A First East-West Dialogue (co-authored with Desh Subba, 2016). r.michaelfisher52 [at] gmail.com

Now, I realize I ought to make these seven papers available to all, as a quick way to tune-in to my unique approach to the topic and how best to solve the global Fear Problem. And, if you are interested to watch the happenings and contribute to the Fearology Training Institute, start by reading my 2 blogs on the possibilities... 

Steps to Becoming an Academic and/or Professional Fearologist

Fearology Training Institute: Perspective Map

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     This is a great resource. Thanks for making it available. -Terry Biddington

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