Based on the FM ning blog above (June 28, 2017) re: starting an academic and professional training institute in Fearology, and with questions from some folks since that blog, I was inspired to document a preliminary organizational and historical 'map' of what I see as connections and relationships that ought to be honored in this process. From this 'map' we can proceed with some common language/terms in order to have further discussions on email, and on this FM ning (at least for now), using this FORUM. You are invited to post here around this topic of what I am preliminarily calling the FEAROLOGY TRAINING INSTITUTE (project) or FTI for short [1]. Have a look at this 'map' and let's talk more. I did not include all the details of things on the map as it would make it too complex, yet, feel free to ask questions and comment, offer improvements on the map, etc. Eventually, more complicated documents will be written up to describe everything appropriate to the establishment of FTI and the International Journal of Fearology (or IJF for short).


1. FTI is now TFI (The Fearology Institute)

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  • Note: This "map" is my first one nearly a year ago, this has been somewhat revised, in that the name is now The Fearology Institute (TFI), and the curriculum is going to start with three streams (for now): (1) academic/scholar, (2) professional, and (3) activist-educator. The full TFI brochure will be out very soon and open for students as an online higher education project. Stay tuned...

  • I want to say; welcome to the world, Fearology institute, I/we have been preparing for your birth. I stand in awe and anticipation of this mystery that is unfolding. A spectrum of fear studies seems to be touching into the essence of the Fearlessness movement, I do believe. I love maps! Especially interconnected (relational) maps of consciousness movements. I have been aware of & partially involved in the Fearlessness movement since the mid 90's when my liberational path led me to this community (ISOF) of people who I owe my life to AND became the catalyst for my initiation as an emerging artist & healer! The natural hierarchy of the 5 stream curriculum, the comprehensiveness of the goal & the simple elegance of the mission is much to sit with. No questions at the moment... just humble appreciations for now.

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