I have just written a new Tech Paper 75.pdf entitled "HYPNOSIS TO FEARGNOSIS: An Introduction to Trance-Formations" (click on for pdf), below is the Abstract. I see this as an important contribution to Feariatry:

Hypnosis to Feargnosis: An Introduction to Trance-Formations

                                              - R. Michael Fisher,[1] Ph.D.       ©2018                                                                             Technical Paper No. 75


This paper explores initial theories, ideas, and examples of feargnosis. This new term, created in Feb. 2018 by the author, is intended to help us all work with fear in text, conversations and teachings with an improved sensitivity to the way hypnosis, and trance, and other arational modes of consciousness impact on our fear-knowledge and basic learning about this topic of fear (and fearlessness).


[1] Fisher is co-founder of In Search of Fearlessness Project (1989- ) and Research Institute (1991- ). He is also founder of the Center for Spiritual Inquiry & Integral Education (http://csiie.org) and is Department Head at CSIIE of Integral & 'Fear' Studies. He is an independent scholar, public intellectual and pedagogue, author, consultant, researcher, coach, artist and Principal of his own company (http://loveandfearsolutions.com). Currently, he is developing The Fearology Institute to teach courses. He can be reached at: r.michaelfisher52@gmail.com

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  • To engage this piece of writing requires a willingness and openness to enter Michael's thinking mind at work. A complex journey that holds a summary starting on page 21 of the technical paper that clearly states the main tenents of the work as he understands it in the paper - that can then be returned to in the body of the paper for more nuances. We all need to recover our ability to interupt the destructive trance the culture of fear has us stuck in. Teaching the work of trance-based learning through the form of feagnosis is a huge challenge and a calling that requires multiple ways to voice it, dwell with it, so that more can ingest it and begin to dismantle the fear-based trance paradigm we live in. I have just returned from introducing trance-based learning and inquiry to teachers through the lens of the arts and small shifts towards TBL practices may make their way into the classrooms.... Thanks Michael to extending this work further.

  • If ever there is ever going to be an anti-fear vaccine it will be found within the pages of this remarkable article Michael. It is past time this kind of insight into the phenomenon medical science names "hypnosis." Thank you.

    Wahinkpe Topa (Four Arrows), aka DT Jacobs, Ph.D., Ed.D.

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