8 yr old's theodicy: saving the world

Going through old files, c. 1989 or so, I found this illustration and provocative image my daughter Vanessa produced (8 yrs old or so). She and her sister (Leah, 2 yrs older) often were witnesses in the In Search of Fearlessness Center in Calgary to "adult meetings" and such. They were given lots of art supplies and no supervision and could work off on their own in the corner of the Center. Here is one of the pieces likely that Vanessa did while working there one day. 

It takes quite a bit of time to interpret this image, never mind taking in the text and aesthetics alone... I'll give a few hints of what I see (and, I have had several conversations with her as a very young girl, since at least 4 yrs old where she was questioning about the nature of existence and the role of god -- yes, her mom was a Catholic x-nun, and I was an atheist): 

"Save the world this day?" (corrected spelling), "What world do you [want]?" (corrected spelling and guessing what the message is with two red arrows in opposite directions)

"DavLe" = Devil   and "AjLe" = Angel   (i.e., Evil or Bad vs. Good) ... and she is giving the viewer and reader of this drawing, as well as humanity, the ultimate ethical existential and spiritual question: Which world do you want? Who's way (rule) will you follow? 

"Love the world if you want it to "DeLace" [unsure of what this last word means; let me know if you have any ideas what this last word means]

[theodicy= is the technical term and sub-discipline in theology which studies the relationship between Good and Evil, of which I substitute Love and Fear -- as the ontological ground of all morality and ethics]

My heart flutters with such soul-searching and prophetic voicing from such a young person... and I just wanted to share this 'proud-daddy' moment! 

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