Tony Robbins Has It Wrong(?)

Going one-to-one with the Human Potential Super Star Warrior... 

I thought to add in this quote I found from the megalithic super star Tony Robbins a few years back, in an old file, and put it with one of his recent pics... I have to say, what he's saying is highly contentious, and I actually think he's got it wrong. Worse, it's pretty much a slogan that doesn't mean much until we deconstruct it with critical thinking and a lot of good theory and philosophy... but, in this world "opinion" and "image" seems enough to sell any idea in the media ... okay, Tony, let's go in the ring and see who has the "right stuff" !!!! 

p.s. Robbins' is marking out and reifying the Western view (typical of modernity) that has a great bias for "courage" over anything close to "fearless(ness)"-- and that's a discourse I am currently studying historically (as an intellectual history) from a critical integral perspective

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