Megyn Kelly Interview with Gavin DeBecker

A recent interview with Gavin DeBecker, an internationally acclaimed security expert and author of the best-selling The Gift of Fear back in 1997, tells me a lot of things. 

First, that DeBecker is teaching the same things about fear, since 1997. 

Second, his work is as successful and mainstream as ever. 

Third, both he and Megyn have a great conversation, she worships him. 

Fourth, we need a better "fear education" in our society. They beat around the bush on that topic and yet never just say it. Too bad. They are two powerful important voices. 

DeBecker knows my work from the late 1990s when I first made contact with him. There's so much advance in Fear Studies, and I just didn't hear any of that in their 1 hr 38 min. interview. Too bad. 

I think the trouble with "safety and security" talk --and focus, which is so practical for people, is that they just don't get around to very much depth of talk about fear--in a much larger perspective, than keeping safe. Too bad.  

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