Identify Your Fears Before Your Goals

Tim Ferriss gives an interesting TEDX talk on this topic (e.g., Stoicism in Greek philosophy):

Again, I only share this, not endorse it. In my research and thinking, there are some upsides to Stoicism and some considerable problems with it. One problem with Ferriss' method, is it is so typically male-heady-intellectualized, and categorized virtually all by the dominant Left Hemisphere of the brain (it likes sheets and columns and linear steps to depict a problem and to find a solution--logical). The dominant (more important hemisphere with emotions and relationships) Right Hemisphere is virtually left out of the method other than (what I like) at least giving fears their due in a priority over goals. Cool. But you'll notice there is nothing in his method about actually "feeling" emotions, attuning to affect bodily, or working collectively in and with those feelings as in co-regulating and/or healing. This 'guy' is more like a 'machine' and that's the Left Hemisphere tendency. It is the (likely major) source of his problem of bipolar in the first place--to not be paying good attention to the Right Hemisphere. His method (Stoicism) is really weak on looking deeper into source of emotional problems (e.g., trauma). Nope. Stay on the surface is the Left Hemisphere default. Cognitive behavioral psychology (at the base of Stoicism) does this to the point of wiping out deeper insight and healing work. That's not a good fear management/education for anyone.  

IF you are not up on the amazing research on Left and Right Hemisphere brain asymmetry and the problems of our society favoring Left over Right in brain functioning and skills, etc., see the work of Ian McGilchrist, among others. 



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