Matrix For Real (Depth)

Carrie Anne Moss (actress who played the central character "Trinity") of fame from The Matrix sci-fi movies (1999-2003), said in an interview recently about that film: "The consciousness of it is so deep and layered" --which she admits she didn't realize at the time she was acting in the movie... it came later and came from her involvment in that movie and all that followed. See interview of her:

It's been annoying beyond measure to see how current (popular) cultural figures on the Internet abuse the depths of which the original The Matrix movie trilogy cut through illusion on a major scale... cut through hypnosis ... to the bones of the architecture of fear ruling most all this world of an Artificial worldview--a Dominant worldview. 

Now a days, shallow interpretations, take some of the messages from The Matrix out of context and make them shallow marketing brands to attract audiences, two of the most annoying of late doing this have been Cassie Jaye ("Red Pill") documentary thinking that a change of heart in understanding male-female gender relations is something worth this title taken from The Matrix narrative and more recently journalist David Fuller "A Glitch in the Matrix" video re: the phenomenon of Jordan Peterson... again, what a mis-representation of the original depth of criticality The Wachowski's original work brought to us... and, now I see it again and again whitewashed down to anything but seeing into the architecture of the 'Fear' Matrix exposed in the original film trilogy. 

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