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A marvelous book by a psychospiritual teacher/philosopher (Tibetan Buddhist) and artist--who is really naming the psychotic collective disease of our times... and links it to fear directly (like in the quote I added to the cover, which I manipulated slightly)-- a book on evil, and his exploration of it as a transpersonal phenomena is very homologous to my exporation of fear as a transpersonal phenomena (a 'Fear' Matrix)-- for the history of Wetiko concept, he explains he utilizes it from the Cree Indigenous people's conception of evil ... lots to learn about how to understand fear and fear management and education... in this very critical eye-opening book... congrats to Paul Levy ... 

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  • Rollo May, the great existential secular psychotherapist and theorist, once wrote, "The issue of evil--or rather, the issue of not confronting evil--has profound, and to my mind adverse, effects on humanistic psychology. I believe it is the most important error in the humanistic movement [i.e., humanism overall]." (May, 1982, p. 19) 


    May, R. (1982). The problem of evil: An open letter to Carl Rogers. J. of Humanistic Psychology, 22(3), 10-21. 


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