Jung neurosis: Fear Patterning

I came across this quote by C. G. Jung the transpersonal psychoanalyst, talking about his theory of neurosis. In ways I am very sympathetic to his framing of neurosis -- the complex of inner conflict that goes on unresolved, and as sometimes intractable, in the psyche -- in the body/mind/soul/spirit dynamics. And, yet, what I find in Jung and most all the male psychoanalysts is the same ignoring (or nearly so) of the construction of neurosis as an attempt to heal (i.e., self-regulate) that is still ignore-ant and resistant to healing and re-learning healing in a full way to create a full society of healing that recovers from the long legacy of repression of healing itself and the perpetuation of coping for the purposes of "control." A coping person or system is one that is out of integrity and weakened, fear-filled in its self-defence and self-sacrificial sense of relationality--all of which is highly unsustainable, and itself arguably psychotic. So, psychotic-based neuroses, for me, are way more pathological than Jung is able to seemingly grasp here. 

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