Roger Hallam on Fear's Role

The Extinction Rebellion movement is trying out some new methods, and they believe they are being quite effective against the inaction re: climate crisis. It's debateable, of course. 

I was interested in this recent talk on "hypocrisy" by Hallam (e.g., AND see his also his website:

For my overall critique of his notions on "fear" (albeit, worthy too), is that he falls into a false confidence and naivete (like other Extinction Rebellion folks) re: the complexity of the Fear Problem and our times. Hallam is a devout 'common sense' pragmatist when it comes to just about everything including how to define fear and cure it. Sorry, it is way behind the times and if Extinction Rebellion wants to pride itself as being so futurist smart etc. for the 21st century they really need a serious upgrade to a 21st century fear management/education agenda. So, I'm ready to talk to them whenever they are. 

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