Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion (a new global eco-social mobilization movement to "fight for life" to "rebel for life" as part of the collapse of global climate via global warming crises)-- is a group I have been recently watching, e.g., videos, and their website... immediately I am glad for their work and it is something I have been involved with as an activist in my own way (eco-social transformation movements) since the early 1970s. 

Extinction Rebellion has this to say, on the Canadian website,


Under our current system, we are headed for disaster. Catastrophic climate change will kill millions, cause food collapse, and render many more homeless. Mass extinction of wild species will lead to ecological collapse. Destruction of natural habitats will lead to genocide of indigenous peoples and the loss of our planet's life support systems. It's not too late to change course - a better future is possible. But governments are consistently failing to take the urgent and decisive action that will save us. If the system will not change, then we must change the system.



WHAT is most intriguing, and somewhat disturbing, is the forefronting of what they are proud of as an organization in the formal rhetoric of the organization and its culture already (and it only started in mid-2018 in Europe)-- the evidence of their top virtue (so it appears) is the webpage where I went to sign-up (and am hesitating to think more and research more about this group)--but you can see in the image above says "816 ACTIONS TAKEN" ... etc. And, now, I have to think what kind of mentality, values, worldview is predominating so far in this sub-culture of activism and mobilization and I start to wonder what kind of "education" agenda and philosophy and praxis is accompanying this "ACTION" focused privileging in this organization with a very worthwhile agenda which I support in terms of we really have to do some serious work on global warming and mass species extinctions and the heading towards the cliff of human extinction-- so, I am raising awareness in myself as I study and contemplate getting involved with ER ... I encourage you also to do your homework on this movement and this group as well, but there are other groups as well ... also check out my videos on this on my Youtube Channel re: "The Great Citizen" and "The Great Collapse" recently... let's all stay in dialogue on how to make this really the best movement it can be... I am offering to help. We'll see what kind of help XR (for e.g.) really wants from me or not. 


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