"Culture of Fear" in Ed. books

This is a summary of some research I did on the occurence of the concept "culture of fear" that had appeared in education books per se, from the earliest I could find was 1997 to early 2015 when I did this study... it is a good reminder of how a concept of such importance like the "culture of fear" was around a bit, then came the big crisis event 9/11, and following that, a lot more interest, then by 2012 (a decade after 9/11)... the big drop off of interest to almost the prior to 9/11 years... this is not a good sign educationally, and, it would be interested to do more research from 2015 until today 2019... to see what happened but I am guessing the trend is pretty much the same although with the 2016 election of D.T. in the USA one may find more resurgence of uses of the terms in Education books... but I sort of doubt it will be significant... again, from my view, that is not a good trending... we need so more much attention on the culture of fear and its effects and how best to teach it in Education all the way through the grades into post-secondary schools and beyond into the populist of adult education... 

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