Chopra on Marianne Williamson

It is stunning (contradictory)... 

How could Deepak Chopra be so cynical and pessimistic, when he teaches just the opposite? 

But you can see, he puts all of the problems down to Fear ("the world is too scared")... and, so

what Mr. Chopra are we going to (are you going to) do about that politically as well as spiritually?

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  • I agree...this comment could have equally have been a statement of hope offering rhetoric that inspired and motivated hearts and minds. Influentila thinkers like Chopra in my view have to be very careful in what they say, because they will often be the sower of the seeds onwhat is possible or impossible. People in such positions cannot be so naive to think that thier words do not hold the power to overcome the problems that they may highlight.

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