Caldicott book: Nuclear Fear

This is a copy of the latest book by Dr. Helen Caldicott... I highly recommend. I think the "sleepwalking"  expression is not by accident in the title. Caldicott has been honestly (and terrifyingly) been leading anti-nuclear activist/education since the late 1970s, and she still is at age 80. Watch some of her interviews on Youtube and watch the film "If You Love This Planet" (1982).

Anyways, Barbara and I watched more Caldicott speeches and interviews tonight and were deeply moved. I watched her and listened in the early 1980s and haven't done so since... I wonder why not? Today, I think there is no more urgent problem to solve than nuclear proliferation and impending nuclear war (even if it happens because of a "failure" and "accident" in communications and digital AI technologies)... Life will end.

So, back to "sleepwalking" (it is a zombie like state of mass hypnosis that seems to have us in its grip and it is the grip of fear ('fear')... I'll be talking more about this... as "nuclear fear" (terror) is something the human psyche has not ever had to face in its evolution... and fearologists need to analyze this and look for new insights and solutions...

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