I have been playing with images of allies and enemies for a long time on my soul journey. I'll share some images of allies that I constructed in my 'avatar' imaginary "Second World" landscape and mindscape, as more or less, "useful" to where I was (and am) heading... 

For those of you not familiar, here are their names and you can look up their very interesting work over the decades:

on far left upper: Andrew Cohen; left upper Don Beck; left lower Ken Wilber

on far right upper: Marilyn Manson, on right uppermost Michael Moore, on lower David Icke

Btw, this was meant in the spirit of "play" and yet has all kinds of serious innuendos as well... but clearly my "idols" (allies) shift--and, its like they are part of me and I am part of them and I am a bit of a "shapeshifter"-- these are all indicators of that... and since 2007, there's a whole new shifting again (see in the next Photo I put up)

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