So hi all,


Arguably, i am the most uneducated...most simple member of the Fearlessness Movement...perhaps this affords me some licence to roam a little, and learn through trial and error rather than serious consideration of well researched articles.

This will always be my disclaimer...that is, i am certainly not the brightest...but i do mean well.

I really want things to be better in the world, and this fearlessness project is where I have set up my stall, because intuitively for me, this is where the foundations of revolutionary change can take place...

I have been thinking that in the future, i would love to be able to speak on a public schools, in NHS conferences, random events to communicate the role of fear/fearlessness in our life...our history...our future.

It would be really useful to have a core set of ideas, principles, references that could be consistently referred to, that we could all as fearlessness advocates return to as standard.

I therefore make the request for ideas, information, references, principles etc...that could be included in a presentation 30-60 minute presentation.

I am keen to engage with the lay person (that i definatley relate to) and feel that being exclusive is where many grass roots organisations/movements fail...therefore any core ideas etc. should be easy to communicate.

Also, i wonder if a manifesto of sorts, has ever been considered or produced?

I will never be brilliantly scholarly like the brilliant Fisher or Subba and others in this group...but i do have a way of looking people in the eye...speaking a truth and connecting. If we can create some basic resources that will allow for talks to be had that may inspire...ignite interest in fear and fearlessness...who knows where we may go as a fearlessness group?

There is so much potential in this Movement if we believe...but also do.


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  • Hi Mark! Nice to e meet you. Happy to view your perspectives on societal impact of fear on progress of humanity. Looking forward to sharing ideas 😊

  • A Fearlessness Package, a Fearlessness Manifesto, and Fearlessness basic Introductory Presentation (for the masses), are callings I have long desired and attempted off and on in my career and leadership. Mark has placed an excellent set of concrete aims before us all. I look forward to helping this initiative in any ways I can; and, I say that knowing it takes a team, a group, a coordination... and Mark is as capable as anyone I know to make these things manifest. 

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