Update of "Three Pillars": Fisher & Subba

This is the latest update (2018) of the diagram in Fisher & Subba (2016), Philosophy of Fearism: A First East-West Dialogue. We invite further ideas on this ever evolving integral model as we look for all the ways to apply the philosophy of fearism to large domains of societies and individual's lives. The latest addition is "Fearcriminalysis" (all issues to do with law and order). For full definitions of these all, you can consult our book for some, but there will be an upcoming FMning blog that will define these.

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  • Meta-terro- After effect of fear

    Fearotechne- fearological investigation on the impact of artificial intelligence. The place of man in the miniaturization of IT in the scientifically driven age. The question of sex robots and the moral man, gen editing, cloning, surrogacy etc.



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