It is with great pleasure I am offering The Fearology Institute as a new and alternative training (educational) ground for those wishing to learn about fearology. For an Introductory video (23 min.) on my approach to teaching and the basics of the program and course click here Intro Video. I have linked here below the brochure TFI Becoming a Fearologist July25.pdf of courses and the program details. And, for those wishing to apply, here is the TFI Application.docx 

Feel free to pass on this blog and help promote TFI to the world. 





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  • I just sent this letter to the Canadian Prime Minister: 

    Hello Hon. Justin Trudeau,

    I am a fellow Canadian educator, like yourself, who has picked out the most "wicked problem" I could find in the contemporary world, and it turned to to be the Fear Problem. After researching and teaching on this topic for 30 years now, I have finally created The Fearology Institute (based on a "gift economy" model), as something I can do to help train people to be fearologists in the academic, professional and activism spheres of learning and teaching and service to Canadian society and beyond. 
    I've attached The Fearology Institute brochure for you viewing... and, may we or others in your cabinet find a way to talk further how to promote the work of solving this "wicked problem" that spreads like a virus... 
    All the best, 
    R. Michael Fisher, Ph.D.
    Director, The Fearology Institute
    • That is a great move... Kudos to you our hero

      All the best


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