The Fearism Study Center offers Professional certificates to students who engages in research studies(6months, 1year, and 2years) on the main three courses of Fearism:

1. FEAROLOGY- The transdisciplinary study of the relationship of fear and life (could include other beings including non-living)- usually, refers to human experience but does not have to be so restricted; serves as one of the pillar technologies or disciplines of practice under the umbrella of the philosophy of fearism and philosophy of fearlessness.

2.FEARIATRY- The study and application of fear-disease relations in the mental health and wellness fields; analogous to psychiatric.

3. FEARANALYSIS- Study of fear related issues and the impact in the life of the individual and society.

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  • Dear Dr. Fisher thank you for your recent comment on Fearanalysis. I like tri-partite type of fearwork ( Creativity,Criticism and Clinical). We have to work on it. 
    Warm Regards,

    Desh Subba

  • Again, I'm delighted the three main course themes, fearology, feariatry and fearanalysis are being brought forth at The Fearism Study Center. I noticed Subba has taken the beginning definitions of these themes (sub-disciplines) from Fisher & Subba (2016) Glossary, except for "FEARANALYSIS" and, because I have worked long on constructing what fearanalysis entails, I wish to upgrade Subba's own definition he uses above (note: for some reason this term was left out of our Glossary in Fisher & Subba, 2016). 

    FEARANALYSIS- is partially adapted from the tradition of psychoanalysis (e.g., Freud et al.) as a type of art, science and therapy for individuals and society at-large; in its distinctness from psychoanalysis, fearanalysis consists of a tri-partite type of fearwork (study of fear and society) that involves three major practices: Creativity, Criticism, and Clinical (these are well defined in Fisher, 1995, and 2012, 2015, 2016 and a new book still unpublished). 

    [for another earlier version of definition, see Fisher, 2015, p. 5) 


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  • Congratulations and that you and Kalu are organizing courses at the professional level; great. I'll keep in touch with you on this and help out as I am able. I too am currently putting together professional and academic courses to deliver for The Fearology Institute. The times seem ready for this work... 

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