The Fear Problematique: Fisher's New Book



A volume in the series: Studies in the Philosophy of Education. Editor(s): John E. Petrovic, The University of Alabama.

In Press 2023 and for sale: Information Age Publishing

The author, with over three decades of focused research on fear and fearlessness and 45 years as an emancipatory educator, argues that philosophy and philosophy of education have missed several great opportunities to help bring about theoretical and meta-perspectival clarity, wisdom, compassion, and practical ways to the sphere of fear management/education (FME) throughout history. FME is not simple, nor a luxury, it is complex. It’s foundational to good curriculum but it requires careful philosophical critique. This book embarks on a unique transdisciplinary understanding of The Fear Problematique and how it can be integrated as a pivotal contextual reference for assessing the ‘best’ way to go in Education today and tomorrow. Educational philosophy is examined and shown to have largely ‘missed the boat’ in terms of responding critically and ethically to the insidious demand of having to truly educate ourselves when we are so scared stiff. Such a state of growing chronic fear, of morphing types of fear, and a culture of fear, ought to be central in shaping a philosophy of fear(ism) for education. The book challenges all leaders, but especially philosophers and educators, to upgrade their own fear imaginary and fear education for the 21st century, a century of terror likely to grow in the cascading global crises.



CHAPTER 1: Introduction.

CHAPTER 2: Philosophy and a Fearturn.

CHAPTER 3: Education Philosophy 'Misses the Boat.'

CHAPTER 4: Fear(ism) as Philosophy: A Transformative Paradigm.

CHAPTER 5: Fear Management/Education for the 21st Century.

CHAPTER 6: Fearlessness as Educational Philosophy.

CHAPTER 7: Recommendations.

Glossary. References. Index.

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  • A colleague wrote me: "This is awesome and amazing. It will add to the literature of the book I'm working on. Thank you so much," -OAK.

    Another wrote me: "Thanks Michael, sounds interesting and important!" 

    Another wrote me: "... I am seeing great connections in the manufactured (yet real-palpable) fear of birth in all this...we fear birth and so we fear life itself! how did we end up here? where is the love?" 

    Another wrote me: "Thanks for writing your book and let's hope the awareness you tell is spread far and wide!"


  • A colleague wrote: "This looks fantastic! Very exciting and absolutely necessary!"

  • Thanks Dr Fisher for another publication that sheds light on emerging fears in various sectors of an interconnected  global society. 

  • One college wrote: "I am so proud of you writing this book my friend." 

  • One colleague emailed me: 

    Thanks for this Michael. 
    The dedicated and revealing research and writing you do is stunning and inspiring.
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