In the very first FORUM on this FM ning, I provided information on a (Wikipedia-like) version of a summary of the Fearlessness Movements throughout history, at least based on a preliminary research investigation. These diverse movements are branches of "one" movement, that is, the initiative to advance human consciousness beyond a largely fear-based existence. These movements evolve, develop, and sometimes just end rather rapidly. To study these movements and share information on the FM ning is one of the basic missions I had in mind for the FM ning. 

On this day, I wish to give acknowledgement to one of the more enduring and systematic of the Fearlessness Movements, at least as I have initially assessed it--that is, A Course In Miracles. I'd love if some of you reading and as FM members would take on doing some research and sharing with us all more about this movement ACIM. Here is from their official website an image that shows just how incredibly popular it has become as a self-study (group-study) approach to moving from a fear-based view to a love-based view. (Note, although I admire much about this "course" I also have my critiques, one of which is that they do not seem to conceptualize the notion of "fearlessness"). 

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