Sociology of Crisis: Shock Doctrine and Fear

If any of you have been following my work with Four Arrows (aka Dr. Don Trent Jacobs) and his CAT-FAWN model (see earlier blogs), you also want to have a look at Naomi Klein's expertise journalistic work on what she calls "shock doctrine" analysis-- where both her and Four Arrows are mounting, independently, their own attempts to help us avoid the excessively irrational negative impact of crises, fear, chaos and how it gets systematically used (manipulated) by politicians (and, other authoritarians) to push through anti-democratic and draconian policies and laws, e.g., "emergency" procedures and exceptions to law, etc. Over the decades I have taught about how to build one's own 'fear'-vaccine process with similar intentions of political and psychological resistance to fear-mongering of anykind.

This has been all well documented how this works, another form of propaganda when people are fear-full, often due to a crisis, be it individual or collective. Producing and using "crises" of all kinds, from natural to human made, is so extra powerful today shaping our world, especially with mass media, that an entirely new branch of sociology is being developed, called the "sociology of crisis" and fear is of course fundamental to all this process. Below I have linked the website of Naomi Klein and her 5 step video on how to resist being caught in the next crisis and shock that is bound to come.

Also, with Four Arrows and Naomi Klein, I would recommend (see Photo on FM ning) the work of Timothy Snyder, "On Tyranny" for other strategies of how to circumvent and resist current and future tyranny overall.

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