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The role of the fearologist has to be fundamentally concerned about health (Health) [1]... and that has to start with some philosophy, theory of "health(y) thinking"... and, I do not merely mean this is a question or inquiry about "mental health" as is so commonly the route taken, and that's why I manipulated the image above which came from a mental health website... "Health" and "Health(y) Thinking" cannot be taken accurately by dividing them... nor the later merely shuffled off under the umbrella of mental health as a field. The fearologist is quick to challenge that dissociation of the two components and also to place "Fear" central on the 'map' of the inquiry and dialogue about Health in general... so, I added Fear into this diagram from the website.... there will be more discussion about "health" when I get back to Canada...

Note: for more in depth thoughts on where I am going with this discussion see FM Ning Forum (Dec. 16, 2016) "My Becoming a Health Critic: The Last Leg of Life's Work"

End Note

1. One could include well-being as part of health; the definition of "health" has to be more than "absence of illness" (of which the generic medical establishment in the Dominant and Western worldview has too long perpetuated as the only definition worthy)

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