This is my most "complete" summary of my work on Love & Fear for the past 28 years. I highly recommend it as the "basic reader" (document) to consult to get you familiar with and to guide you to further study on this universal problem that we have to understand and resolve--the sooner the better. Here it is in pdf Love-Fear & Uni-Bicentric Theorem (2017)

Here is the full title of the article and Abstract

Love-Fear: Uni-Bicentric Theorem as Basis for

the Fearlessness Movement


R. Michael Fisher

Technical Paper No. 65



Abstract  This is the latest articulation and upgraded version of the Love vs. Fear theory/discourse found universally across historical time. The author traces a summary of his own working with these “forces” under the label of archetypal metamotivations. His own articulation of the Fear Problem is only part of a more encompassing Uni-Bicentric Theorem he discovered and has promoted for 28 years, all as part of the Fearlessness Movement/Tradition. He claims that the language/theory of Love-Fear, rather than Love vs. Fear, is more healthy and effective for liberation than the language/theory of Good vs. Evil (dualism) underneath the discourse of Love vs. Fear. His unique Uni-Bicentric Theorem offers the foundational thinking to make this shift in our dominant current guiding kosmologies that tend to default to Good vs. Evil when under pressure and less than ideal conditions. He also critiques his own work, while drawing upon (mainly but not only) the theories of Ken Wilber and Abraham H. Maslow. He suggests viral ‘Fear’ complex is a different ‘beast’ than fear or Fear, and so the entire Love and Fear discourses/theories all need revision, via a confrontation with the Shadow (e.g., ‘Fear’ Matrix, and/or “culture of fear” meta-context) and a thorough ontopsychosocial therapy (or therapia). 

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  • Dear Carl,

    indeed a wonderfully spiraling topic... I have read with admiration years ago Vanier, Nouwen, and Freire, among others of Christian persuasion... they are great guides for all their limited views on Love and Fear... no, I have not ever focused a piece specifically on Christian theology of L and F but it is always in the background of my work because it is so influential everywhere... btw, my most consistent supporters over the decades have been "radical" Christians (clergy of various types)... and, I always find that interesting... (smile)...  -enjoy the conference and thanks for your thoughts... -M.

  • Thank you, Michael.

    I especially appreciate the focus on both love and fear in your new paper. Have you ever written explicitly about Christian perspectives on love? Freire wrote from a Christian perspective. I am always intrigued by Jean Vanier and Henri Nouwen's writing about love from Christian perspectives, too. I think much of what we understand, or think we understand, about love is refracted through many strange interpretations of Christian theology. 
    Your writing is like a spiral that keeps on growing while also returning.
    Greetings from CSSE in Toronto,
  • Yes Mr. Michael I reading your all post. I am always thinking Fear vs Love. Your presentation is admirable. I will right to you about this later.

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