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There isn't another leader, not in the century, maybe not ever, that speaks the philosophical and ethical wisdom [1] of Williamson in the political sphere. It is a good example of the spirit of fearlessness in action--in the political landscape. 

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1. In particular, I am referring to her long interest in the "Love vs. Fear Problem"--of which, I have researched and written and published on for decades. This is no small philosophical-theological and psychological problem, with all the cultural and social and economic aspects of it so relevant today. 



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Marianne 2024 Has Started: Nonviolence

10972523656?profile=RESIZE_584xHey, wanted to share my latest video from my Youtube channel entitled "Marianne Williamson 2024 Has Started: Leader of Nonviolence" 

Marianne has officially announced her candidacy to run for President of the USA in 2024. I talk about a number of qualities she brings to the political sphere but also beyond that in terms of her emancipatory project for humanity and this planet. She is a very unique leader. I am most taken with her putting "fear" and "love" at the center of her philosophy, spirituality and politics. 

I also share my new project to support this movement, she represents, and have named it the Canadian Coalition for Marianne 2024. 


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