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New Video (3 min.) "THE EARTH IS SUFFERING" - an Indigenous worldview perspective on our current crises and how we need to change, by Indigenous activist-educator, and ecophilosopher, Four Arrows (2021) (Wahinkpe Topa aka Dr. Don T. Jacobs), who is also an FM ning long-time member and a colleague of mine [1].

NOTE: at one point near the end, he offers one of the virtues (e.g., "with respect" and others in the film) as "fearless trust in Nature" 

End Note

1. see Fisher, R. M. (2018). Fearless engagement of Four Arrows: The true story of an Indigenous-based social transformer. Peter Lang. 



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Four Arrows, a colleague and friend, and sacred warrior, sent me this link to an article where he talks about the Indigenous way of courage and fearlessness, and its relevance to an upcoming resistance action at Standing Rock, ND, where Veterans for Peace and other activists are standing with the Indigenous people who are challenging the Dakota Pipeline transgressions on their territory.


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