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My Latest Teaching Gig: Fear & Humanity

Hi All, 

FYI: Just wanted to share the good news that I have just had confirmation that my new 6 wk course at Vancouver Island University, Elder's College program, has 10 registered students (over 50 yrs. of age) and we're going ahead with it next wk. That's exciting and going to be a good way to meet new people and share thoughts and feelings about where our world is going and where we might be able to turn it around (even a little). Title of course and description below: 

Understanding Fear And Its Effects On Humanity

This is an introductory course on the nature and role of fear, individually and collectively. In the last three decades, especially since 9/11, fear has, for various reasons, become a growing topic of major concern in several academic disciplines, operations of democracy and governance and in its uses in business, advertising and popular culture. Explore your personal relationship to fear, the importance of multiple perspectives, critique the normal socialization and the culture of fear.

ELDL 060 F23W70       6 sessions: Thu, Sep 14-Oct 19; 10:00-11:30am

Instructor:                   Michael Fisher

Location:                     Online 

R. Michael Fisher, PhD, is a retired educator who has focused on the impact of psychological, cultural, political, and philosophical issues on education, and how it often fails to emancipate us from the oppressions that hurt us. He is also an author of over 200 articles, has published 15 books, and is a popular teacher on YouTube. Michael has taught adult education for over 45 years, spent several years as a school teacher, and has been involved in youth and family rehabilitation work. Michael's research has focused on the phenomenon of fear and fearlessness since late 1989, and he refers to himself as a ‘fearologist’.

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