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Fearologist Interviewed

This is an excerpt (newspaper clipping from 2007), where a reporter interviewed me at my office, which was the space I was given at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, because I was hired for an original 3 week intensive course I created (as lecturer) called "Addiction Recovery as Fear Management: A Post-modern View"-- can you believe it? It truly happened, and there is a long story behind it (maybe I'll share another time). I had about 12 undergrad students, mostly in counseling psychology who took this. 

The point of pasting this photo and article is to show that at least one serious daily newspaper reporter of a fairly large city (in Canada) at one time (now 10 years ago) actually wanted to use "fearologist" in the sub-heading. It's a breakthrough, first time ever for such a phenomenon, anywhere in the world, I'd guess. So, it actually can be taken seriously. But like most leading-edge things in the society, far beyond what it can imagine itself, things like "fearology" and the profession of a "fearologist" appear and disappear just as quick. The lesson: don't think one good bit of pr and a paying gig like teaching is going to last necessary. There can be long dry spells between these golden opportunities. I'm just glad it was recorded in human history, in this one article. Maybe there will be another someday for some fearologist, not just for me. 

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