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"Emotional civil war" ... a very interesting (?) campaign quote... and, what does she really mean by this? And what is a fearologist's perspective of her rhetoric, intention, and potential for presidential victory and/or at least influence in American culture and politics. See my new youtube video on "Ethical Leadership: Marianne Williamson"

In the INTRODUCTION of Fisher & Subba (2016), p. xxxi [1], you will read a philosophy of fearism (and fearlessness) perspective on Marianne Williamson, and you will see that I have (in particular) been following her philosophy and social media following for a long time. She is a close friend with the media star Oprah Winfrey, and many others (see picture below on this webpage of FM ning). In that Introduction, Subba and I ask : "WHY FOCUS ON FEAR, NOT LOVE?" and then we begin the chapter with a quote from Williamson:

"Crossing the bridge to a better world begins with crossing a bridge inside myself, from the addictive mental patterns of fear and separation, to enlightened perceptions of unity and love. I have been trained by the world to think fearfully, and today I choose to think with love." (from A Year of Miracles), and, many of you may or may not know that she is a 'big' promoter and teacher, supported by A Course in Miracles movement. In this spiritual movement "love" is placed as the answer to "fear" and all of our problems. The dialogue between Subba and I now moves on in the Introduction to show how unreliable, if not distorted, from a fearist perspective, this emphasis on love is the answer approach to personal and world transformation. We risked to critique, in a mild way in this chapter, a person (and ideology), who is now running for the 2020 American political presidency under the Democratic party. She is a populist leader, with no experience in politics per se, althought a few years ago she ran for a local congress position in California but never made it very far. Now she is going for the 'big' position. It will be interesting to watch, but more importantly it will be interesting to see how her work (as part of the Fearlessness Movement) will emerge on the 'big' stage of American politics in a time of crisis.

I for one, will keep analyzing her work and offering her and her supporters ideas of how to better bring about a challenge and intervention to disrupt that problem of being (in her words) "trained by the world to think fearfully"... and, challenging her movement to look at fearism and fearlessness to better inform their own philosophy and politics.


1. Fisher, R. M., & Subba, D. (2016). Philosophy of fearism: A first East-West dialogue. Australia: Xlibris. 


ADDITIONAL NOTE - M. W. is also an endorser of one of my favorite philosophers Ken Wilber, for e.g.

And, in 2007... they met:  (Marianne & Ken)


OH, interesting The Washington Post (a rather conservative major newspaper in USA)... wants to spin the story of MW's campaign in the ruts of the traditional right winger folks like Dobson's "tough love" pitch for parents, which a lot of people bought hook line and sinker back 30 years ago... and, also if you see the headlines (below) on The Washington Post interview (and the photo shoot which really is a 'joke' and 'play' on MW, not taking her really seriously)--and, then you get the headlines... which one thinks she is again being played with by this media journalist and well... you can make up your own mind... I'm so skeptical of who is behind these newspapers--owned by a handful of the very elite she criticizes :


Feb. 19/19 by Anna Peele:

[Peele talks about miracles] [a small excerpt from her text for this article, which I nearly gag on]:

Today, it’s the eve of the 66-year-old’s declaration that she will be seeking the highest office in our country, during what is arguably one of its most terrifying times. Since Williamson is sitting at the head of the table, close enough to touch my arm, it feels like an appropriate moment to ask her to act as my own spiritual adviser. Not because I believe in miracles. Because I want to believe.

“I’m afraid,” I tell Williamson. Afraid about how bleak things feel under our current president; afraid of how angry people are. “I’m afraid of what will happen to the country,” I say. “And that there’s no going back.”

[sure, I'm glad they are talking about "fear"... but Peele's approach is too much of a grand skit and makes me angry... I trust/hope MW doesn't fall for this stuff from the mainstream media... okay, one other quote, an accurate view from MW's mouth, that is, A Course in Miracles, she says to Anna at one point:]

“Where there is light, there cannot be darkness,” Williamson says. “And where there’s love, there cannot be fear.”

“We’re hallucinating. And that’s what this world is: a mass hallucination, where fear seems more real than love. Fear is an illusion. Our craziness, paranoia, anxiety and trauma are literally all imagined”? [says Williamson... her absolutist philosophy, belief, faith, religion, spirituality, ideology?]... 

[If "fear is an illusion" a common claim of many esoteric religious teachings, E. and W., then what does that say about a philosophy of fearism and its claims... hmmmm... ?]




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In the very first FORUM on this FM ning, I provided information on a (Wikipedia-like) version of a summary of the Fearlessness Movements throughout history, at least based on a preliminary research investigation. These diverse movements are branches of "one" movement, that is, the initiative to advance human consciousness beyond a largely fear-based existence. These movements evolve, develop, and sometimes just end rather rapidly. To study these movements and share information on the FM ning is one of the basic missions I had in mind for the FM ning. 

On this day, I wish to give acknowledgement to one of the more enduring and systematic of the Fearlessness Movements, at least as I have initially assessed it--that is, A Course In Miracles. I'd love if some of you reading and as FM members would take on doing some research and sharing with us all more about this movement ACIM. Here is from their official website an image that shows just how incredibly popular it has become as a self-study (group-study) approach to moving from a fear-based view to a love-based view. (Note, although I admire much about this "course" I also have my critiques, one of which is that they do not seem to conceptualize the notion of "fearlessness"). 

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Crossing the bridge to a better world begins with crossing a bridge inside myself, from the addictive mental patterns of fear and separation, to enlightened perceptions of unity and love. I have been trained by the world to think fearfully, and today I choose to think with love.   - Marianne Williamson, A Year of Miracles

Over the decades I have become a kind of archivist for the Museum of Fearology, you could say. I collect quotes on fear and fearlessness and a number of people know that and send me stuff when they find it. A colleague (1) out on the W. coast sent this to me today, he's been looking at the FMning and then got this inspirational quote from Williamson in an automatic e-mailer he has signed up to with a spiritual organization. She is one of the current leaders of the teachings of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and other things very interesting on top of her ministry she has recently ran for a govenor post(?) in politics in California (with no success per se). I have admired her writing and punchy 'out there' leadership, especially encouraging women leaders. I also want to support her initiatives generally (via ACIM) as part of the Fearlessness Movement & Tradition (see my Wikipedia entry on Fearlessness Movement). It arose in the 1970s and is going 'strong' as far as I know, but I don't know that much in details up to date.

So, I also thought this was a timely quote to put up, as it is one of the things we all can do on our blogs. And then, as well as sharing interesting quotes on fear and fearlessness, etc., we also then can ask about their usefulness in terms of the FM. We can study these quotes and movements they come from (if they do)...and, add this to our education process on the FM. I see us all, potentially, as "architects" in the FM, a kind of meta-movement on fearlessness movements for the 21st century, as we attempt for the first time in world history to bring together the information on these movements and what these movements "teach" and have accomplished, or not. It is this synthesis that I see as essential to the future evolution of the FM (and any sub-movements that may spin off of this work). As well, we can also be out there scanning and seeing if there are other FMs that have not been documented as such. We can discuss these findings and ideas, as part of our building the knowledge-based (and archives) for future manifestations.

One question on my mind is: "What would the best fearlessness movement look like for the conditions of the 21st century?" 

End Note

1. Ian Wight, Senior scholar (retired) in City Planning, Faculty of Architecture, U of Manitoba; he wrote to me: "sounds like [FM is] a great gift to yourself and the wider field of fearlessness aficionados" (pers. comm., Apr. 20/15).


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