This is a poster I created based on a book cover by Brad Reynolds on Ken Wilber many years ago. The word "Liberation" to me is more important than any other descriptor you could give to Wilber's work (most of which pale in comparison and strength)... and, Wilber's latest book "The Religion of Tomorrow" (2017) utilizes these four conceptual foundations for domains of human experience on the path of Liberation... a far and above improvement, in my view, of "liberation" paths presented prior in human history. Why? Because it is "integral" as no other models/theories/practices are.

You will notice the "Clean Up" (orange font) is my favorite, of which all my Fear and Fearlessness work is dedicated; but for sure, I in no way deny the importance of the other three because they are all interdependent for effectiveness--, for detailed descriptions you simply ought to read Wilber's original work in his latest book or on the Internet, wherever... because they are clever metaphors and a simple way to remember the liberation work required by us all who are able and willing to participate ...

p.s. my 'corrective' to the four Domains (and bias) of Wilber's is that they ought to be 'balanced' better and less following Wilber's tendency to "ascend" (Up, Up, Up, Up)... and, keep fully integrative in language/discourse/imaginary so that we would have also "Wake Down," "Show Down," "Grow Down," and "Clean Down"...

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  • Jan, I think I have several metaphors for the "path of liberation" (but rarely remember them all myself on any one day)--but here are a few: (a) the Uni-Bicentric Theorem in my latest FM blog, (b) Figure 2.1 "Path of Fearlessness: Stages of the Soul's Journey" (Fisher, 2010, p. 48), (c) The Matrix trilogy... (smile)... None of mine are quite as elegant and in depth to Wilber's latest 4 domains though... mine are more complimentary to them (especially, the "Cleaning Up")...

  • Yeah, Wilber is a wee bit biased on the ascending ladder for sure. I will remember that when reading the book. How different would the writing be if there was a complementary emphasis on 'wake down' descending, etc? How he treats the 'shadow work' aspect is the tell-all. And I wonder what my teacher would say; Thomas Hubl who quotes Wilber often & is the most integral spiritual teacher I have ever heard of. I will ask him about this book for sure. I like the poster Michael. It looks like 'the path up the mountain' behind Wilber eh? Cool! I wonder Michael what your view of the path of liberation would look like in a metaphor?

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