For my latest teaching video on "In Defense of Gen Z, Millennials" go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LajmPaQ_uSk

I argue that an elite (very privileged) "warrior class" (like the Spartans of ancient Greece) are attempting to "toughen up" and "grow up" the younger generations to make them fit for the way the elite class wants to have their way with the world as a whole. This class is also terrified of losing their grip on power and wealth, success and privilege, and they are attacking youth for being "too interior" (touchy-feely) and thus many are over-therapized. The discussion could also be summarized in the fearanalysis of a class of elites who are "deniers" of many major crises going on in the world and how terrifying that is existentially for youth today. I argue they practice adultism and an authoritarian class imperative to be "the conquerers" (of Empire Consciousness)--and, yes, "conservatives." I offer a non-polarizing but more subtle and important critique to their critiques, and ask that we consider the arguments and reality of what it means to move from a coping culture to a healing culture, a fear-based (culture of fear) to a fearlessness society. 

I ask for dialogue and sanity as the older generations have to learn to listen and talk with each other. The young will benefit greatly from our efforts as the older generations. 


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