Book Cover- [photo of Four Arrows by Beatrice Jacobs]

I  would like to share with you my new book soon to come out in July, 2018 (New York: Peter Lang). For an advanced look at the book's content see a short book video trailer and the FE brochure 2018.pdf (4 pp) I created here. Four Arrows (aka Dr. Don Trent Jacobs) is an FM ning member. Feel free to pass on these promotional materials to your networks and those you feel would be interested. Thanks.

I'll be writing more about this book on the FMning in future blogs. I'll leave you with one excerpted quote by Four Arrows (interviewed by me) from the book: 

"In my mind, this mass hypnosis syndrome, I now call Trance-based Learning (TBL) gone awry, is the only explanation that makes sense of how modern educated societies, especially, have rationalized their technologies of domination, their polluting of their own nest, and their addictions to ways of life that paradoxically destroy Life. My own vision of rehabilitation from this destructive path is that Fear and courage concepts are essential to understand as they drive learning and development in a 'good way' or 'bad way'....I offer an intentional transformation learning theory and critical praxis as an initiative to build a society and world that is able to resist and reconstruct current hegemonic fear-conditioning--the latter, which has unfortunately become 'normal' socialization--a 'culture of fear.'" (p. 2)

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  • Here are several initial responses to this book pr. material:

    Please watch this short book trailer about one of the most amazing people I have ever met- a professor at Fielding Graduate University doctoral program. I will buy & read this book. -Steven Hassan (FB page) 


    Thanks my friend... congratulations on your great work.,.. in a time of fear and worry!

    Hi Michael,

    The video speaks well to the project and the Four Arrows’ quote really highlights the context of a modern cultural trance, albeit a dark one.

    Congratulations! I will order a copy and post on my FB page. Quite an achievement!  I just watched the book trailer.  So well done!

    Thanks so much for this information, Michael.  I'm glad to see that the book is almost ready to be released - this is very exciting.

    that's great. Congrats! I like the trailer. I may try to read the book before school starts if it is out by then.

    Hi Michael, This is wonderful news.

    I have received the hints to your about to be published book. I have seen that courage will have an important role to play in your handling of the problem of fear. If this is your view in this book, I'm seeing us walking the same or similar route.
    I foresee this book giving a clearer picture of your position on fearlessness.

    Congratulations in advance.

    What a wonderful news Michael! Hearty congratulations. The title of your new book (especially the words ‘four arrows’) is cerebrally scintillating.

    Every line of your excerpted quote, being multum in parvo, is filled with enormous meaning, enabling the readers to understand, ponder over, get enlightened and take steps to change the world for good. 

    What you say about how modern living is polluting its own habitat is truly an eye opener. It is increasingly evident that the current hegemonic fear conditioning has become ‘normal’ , much the same way as an Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti said , ‘It’s no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society’. 

    I am sure that your proposition of ‘intentional transformation learning theory’ will help the world experience a constructive change, shedding its current destructive path. 

    Great going Michael!

  • Hi Michael,

    I watched short book video, FE brochure 2018. Your writing is very fascinating , I always like. I hope your book will help to make fearless, fearlessness.... to readers. I will order my copy when it's available. After reading, I will write about it.

    I congratulate on your endeavour. I hope it is an interesting experience and goes well.

    Desh Subba


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