Fearless Action

Last Sunday, 2nd December, Irene and I joined the #claimtheclimate demonstration in Brussels, Belgium, together with about 70,000 people. That on the first day of the COP24 2018 Climate Conference in Katowice, Poland.
I call this Fearless Action. Is it? How is this kind of action related to fear/fearlessness?  People demonstrate because they want the system (politics, economics etc.) to change, not the climate. A livable earth with a balanced nature is only possible if mankind behaves as being part of nature.
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  • I was inspired by Hugo & Irene... and all... to create a short video on "Greta, Fear and Youths' Future(s)" based on what is going on at the climate summit in Poland...

    go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMKKLXhSG9o

  • Lovely pic, in action, on the lines... indeed, it is related to fear/fearlessness... and, perhaps you mean the same thing by "fearless action" as Four Arrows (aka Dr. Don Trent Jacobs) means when he uses "fearless engagement" (see my book "Fearless Engagement...." (2018) [1]... I'm most curious, what from your perspective (Hugo) is the purpose or need or interest in using "fearless" period? Why not say it was a brave, or courageous "action"? That I am curious about... and, maybe in the European context in which you were involved in this protest, there is something we can learn from (especially, being in Canada)... (?)   -M.

    1. Fisher, R. M. (2018). Fearless engagement of Four Arrows: The true story of an Indigenous-based social transformer. NY: Peter Lang. 


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