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  •  An author always likes to see how their new book is doing in sales and distribution. The Fear Problematique, is no different. At this point, and as a homegrown Canadian boy I'm interested how my own country treats me out there on the market of ideas. It appears some 52 college/univ. libraries have this book in the world (at least, according to WorldCat). Most of them in America, and then several other countries but only 1 is in a Canadian post-secondary Library (Medicine Hat College Library, AB). That's a sad statement on my Canadian bretheren, who seem just not interested in the topic of fear, especially in educaion. For the full current WorldCat listing go to:

    The fear problematique : role of philosophy of education in speaking truths to powers in a culture…
    "The author, with over three decades of focused research on fear and fearlessness and 45 years as an emancipatory educator, argues that philosophy an…
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