Durwin's Integral Working Out of Anxiety

  • I was interested in Durwin's "Introduction" of himself through a graphic expression of his passion, and real challenges in life. You can read his blog posting and comments to follow. I highly recommend this short read of his article he is discussing and excerpting with his "Introduction" diagram see link below (article title: Integral Inquiry for Anxiety: Approach Your Fear with Mindfulness, Creativity, and Courage")... this is a working counseling model he's developing and would like feedback. 


    I have read his piece, and have lots of notes and revisions of the diagram I would suggest... this is based on both my long experience of working with people with so-called "anxiety disorder" and or we could just call it "Fear Problem" issues... which our entire society (world) has as well-- I won't go into my comments right now (but soon)... and I'm thinking it's a topic that could maybe go on a FORUM or DISCUSSION platform here on the ning (?)-- among other topics over time... 
    Note: There are a few people who have signed-up, that I know of, like Durwin, Cecile, Janet, Barbara and myself who have a background for many years in "integral theory" (often associated with the integral philosopher Ken Wilber, but not restricted to his work)... and, this may surface, as I suspect, more than a few times, and just to be sure... this is not an "in-clique" or "club" of experts or esoterica... all of us are interested in better understanding integral approaches (which is like holistic) and to engage with others who don't know much about it... we are all here to learn, as far as I can tell... so, let's ask questions, be curious and sure, read and learn more... but there's nothing like "applications" to make it more fun to explore the integral perspective and its capabilities and limitations... 

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