THIS IS EXACTLY THE KIND OF AD (there are many of them), THAT SHOW A DISTORTED VIEW OF "FEARLESS" in the World's Fearlessness Teachings throughout history. Corporate branding, through ignore-ance and arrogance, will use any term or concept, regardless of its true meaning and history and sacredness, as merely cheap forms of promotion for profit. This ad typifies what I have been critiquing for decades. And, what is worse about this one is the blatant "luxurious" (meaning expensive upper class and upper middle class type of elitism) excess that is associated with "fearless" as the last thing we ought to be supporting on this planet! 

The Fearlessness Movement is not elitist but populist and open to all no matter what their incomes and background education. Any exclusivity of this calibre like this institute is to me the regression of late capitalism and its sickness. For a critique of mis-uses of "fearlessness" and "fearless" in educational discourse see Fisher (2015, 2016). 



Fisher, R. M. (2015). Educative criteria for using the terms "fearlessness" and "fearless." Technical Paper No. 55. Carbondale, IL: In Search of Fearlessness Research Institute. 

Fisher, R. M. (2016). Problem of branding "fearlessness" in education and leadership. Technical Paper No. 59. Carbondale, IL: In Search of Fearlessness Research Institute. 


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