As I have promoted a healthy and sustainable, holistic-integral curriculum of fear management/education since 1989, there is little up-take of the 'big ideas' in regular schooling and adult education generally. There is a lot of resistance actually. And, of course, because fear ('fear') has such power today in cultural circulation, you can bet on just about anyone that wants to capture the market on "power" of attention and sales, and/or votes for a cause, the corporate world here below (i.e., Nike) has shown their own tenacious way to slip fear management/education to the populus. One of their ads, several years ago, was as follows (see below also for a collage I put together around this problem during my dissertation research):

fear of failure fear of success fear of losing your health fear of losing your mind fear of being taken too seriously fear of not being taken seriously enough fear that you worrry too much fear that you don't worry enough your mother's fear you'll never marry your father's fear that you will... Group Therapy from Nike--just do it!

Your Mind is a Battleground for those who want Social Control for their own "profit"-- lest, us not forget this in the Fearlessness Movement!  -RMF

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