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Episode 4 of Conscious Conversations Season 3 is here.


Dr. R. Michael Fisher, Ph.D. is a naturalist, artist, liberation educator, human development consultant and transdisciplinary fearologist, with a passion for the transformation of a culture of fear to a culture of fearlessness. As a curriculum designer, he has a vision to upgrade "fear education" around the world. He is author of 15 books and hundreds of journal articles and monographs. He lectures wildly and currently serves on faculty at Southwestern College, Santa Fe, NM in the doctoral program of Visionary Practices and Regenerative Leadership. He is founder of In Search of Fearlessness Research Institute and is founder and senior editor of the International Journal of Fear Studies. He lives in w. Canada, volunteers at a non-profit daycare center for children, and co-creates ventures of art-care with his partner Barbara Bickel.
Some of Michael’s work can be found on his YouTube channel and Fearlessness Movement blog. 
Conscious Conversations features spiritual teachers, seers and thought leaders who, through their insights, help our listeners gather tools that can aid them in navigating life, enriching their lives – mind, body and spirit. Our intention is to share with our community a deeper perspective about spiritual awakening, the journey that follows, and how we can utilise these tools in our daily lives. Our listeners would like to hear more about our guests and how they embarked on their personal journeys of transcending challenges and breaking boundaries, walking with spirit and fulfilling their purpose.
Through Conscious Conversations, we aim to create a collective safe space that encourages honest human connections, helping listeners reframe the self-limiting ideas they hold about themselves and their life experiences. We hope these podcasts will inspire deep and meaningful conversations that lead to intentional changes designed to facilitate healing and expansion.
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