For the entire speech of her announcement go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onSa2UF8_kI

There isn't another leader, not in the century, maybe not ever, that speaks the philosophical and ethical wisdom [1] of Williamson in the political sphere. It is a good example of the spirit of fearlessness in action--in the political landscape. 

To see her political policies platform go to:marianne2024.com


1. In particular, I am referring to her long interest in the "Love vs. Fear Problem"--of which, I have researched and written and published on for decades. This is no small philosophical-theological and psychological problem, with all the cultural and social and economic aspects of it so relevant today. 



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  • IF you want to see how Williamson handles herself under duress of critique and questioning by the mainstream journalist (e.g., ABC Washington correspondent): go to: 


    Marianne Williamson on presidential campaign, new DNC primary schedule: ‘This Week’ exclusive
    Marianne Williamson said on ABC's "This Week" that she doesn’t see her long-shot bid for the White House in 2024 as a challenge to President Joe Biden
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