I would be very interested in a visual representation of the dialectics suggested in Wilber's model, between healing and growing, awakening and presencing.

I am not sure how to get started on this:  it brings up some fear, perhaps in part because Ken's work doesn't address trauma very well.


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  • Durwin, I wrote a long blog series several years ago on Integral/Wilber and Healing Therapia (see Integral Cafe, which posted it) http://integral-options.blogspot.com/2011/03/r-michael-fisher-heali...

  • Durwin, why don't you spell out the four components of comparative interest you raise here from Wilber's work... then with a little more 'meat' on them... (excuse me)... some of us may play with such visualizations... if not concrete representations... I suggest letting the resonant energies of each component dwell and interlace-- in subtle consciousness and then, see what arises that may be more material ... just some thoughts... I'd like to see you spell out a bit more for my benefit too...

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